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ADC to LPT port ?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by DusanS, Sep 13, 2005.

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  1. DusanS

    DusanS Guest

    HI..need some help.....:)
    I want to connect AD converter (ADC0804) with computer via LPT port,
    to collect digital data.
    On input ADC is signal form microphone preamplifier, fullwave
    ADC and rest of circuit works well, it is tested with several led

    I just need simple circuit scheme(or direct if possible) to connect
    output of ADC to LPT port.
    Any simple program on net that can communicate to LPT? Or I should
    write some program in Visual Basic,Delphi or C(++).

  2. Si Ballenger

    Si Ballenger Guest

    You may want to check the below kit. The pdf has the schematic
    and there is also a link on the page for the software.
  3. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    There's LPT port stuff all over the internet:

    But why not just use the sound recorder that came with the PC?

    Good Luck!
  4. DusanS

    DusanS Guest


    I already made a simple circuit and a simple Visual Basic monitoring
    I could do it directly connecting to data pins, but to be extra safe I
    used scheme found (somewhere)on internet and it's very simple..
    "It should work on ANY PC parallel port, and uses a 74LS157 to feed
    the data, as two nibbles, into 4 parallel port "printer status"
    Today it was tested, and works ok.

    My name is Dusan, IV (in october V) year student of Electronic in city
    of Novi Sad (Serbia).
    I work on student project called "voice controller" (very,very
    primitive voice recognition).
  5. Hello Dusan,
    Visal Basic means Windows 9x or above... means that the compuer which will
    be used have at least a bidirectional LPT and nearly allways a soundcard on
    board. EmbeddedPCs are able to integrate a AD in a more professional way. I
    don't see the goal of your project, but lot of trouble (using windows as a
    non-realtime system. May you help me a little?

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