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Adapting a Garmin Traffic Receiver to car antenna?

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by DaveC, Feb 23, 2010.

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  1. IF you were a cop, your orders would STILL get ignored, jackass.

    One must be persistent when talking to a product maker, and spouting
    your intentions from the start is also a stupid move.

    I'd bet that I would be able to get info from them.
  2. IAmTheSlime

    IAmTheSlime Guest

    You're a goddamned liar, boy. I haven't used half of those, so your
    precious filter must be catching others' responses as well.

    You really are about as retarded as it gets, bub.

  3. The numeric would be at the front of the list, idiot.

    You cannot even get something so simple as alphabetization right!

  4. DaveC

    DaveC Guest

    There is a fundamental difference between the two traffic receivers
    In the USA there are 2 versions of the GTM20. One has a continuous cable
    between the traffic receiver / power plug, and the GPS connector. The latest
    version of the GTM20 has a bulge in the cable near the GPS connector which
    also includes a small hole that accepts an external antenna (FM I presume,
    not GPS, although the instructions don't say explicitly). It's a 3.5 mm jack
    I think.
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