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Adapter Pin out for Logical Devices programmer

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Tipoux, May 26, 2007.

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  1. Tipoux

    Tipoux Guest

    Hi guys,I just bought a Logical Devices programmer and the adapter to
    program chip ST M58LW064D ,but the same adapter is not working for
    M28W640FSU.I can read it find but Device ID is wrong.

    These adapters are $350 US a piece and i think its a scam.The Chinese
    cheap programmer are doing the same job for $350 but it include
    programmer and adapter.Instead of doing translation on the board,the
    programmer do it internally.You only need 1 adapter to program all let
    say BGA 64 PIN.

    I think XELTEK is doing big money with these adapter and i think
    people should share the pin out of adapters

    I can trade my pin out of the XELTEK adapter # SA655A-B054A-T064F001Y
    for the SA655E-B090A-T064F001Y

    If you intent to buy 1 programmer,be really carefull on your choice.
  2. Tipoux

    Tipoux Guest

    I just create a group where you can post your Pin out of your adapter

    Lets hope many will use it
  3. Tipoux

    Tipoux Guest

    Look like nobody got these adapter

    If you have any pin out you wanna share please go at
    you need a hotmail account to write article.

    Thanks all
  4. sim220


    Dec 30, 2010
    link not found
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