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Active antenna for Navtex reception

Discussion in 'Boat Electronics' started by Robert Miles, Dec 13, 2008.

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  1. Robert Miles

    Robert Miles Guest


    I recently purchased an ICS NAV-5 Navtex that came without an antenna.

    Reading user guide and docs on the web I can purchase and fit a NAV 4
    passive antenna or an active VTRONICS ..
    Being inquisitive I wondered what is in these?

    Can't find a CCT of them but found some very interesting articles on use of
    short whips ( as used in the active antenna) at LF, in particular the high
    impedance antenna being couple to the gate of an FET.. a few comments on
    making sure the whip is insulated, and likely life of the FET if any static
    or lightning about. Makes me wonder if a passive ant would be more reliable
    than an active ant?

    Does anyone have any experience of active antenna use and reliability?

    PS NAVTEX reception around the Clyde/West Scotland is reported as poor so an
    active ant might be attractive




    Simply Blue Too
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