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Acer tm610 doest start-up after a repair

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by aseef_iqbal, Feb 22, 2006.

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  1. aseef_iqbal

    aseef_iqbal Guest

    My acer travelmate 610 went through a repair once last year when its
    usb ports were broken (pins got broken from motherboard). I soldered
    them back and they worked fine then. This time, after they broke again,
    I replaced them with a new pair of compatible USB ports. But after I
    put everything back togather, the laptop doesnt start any more (though
    the power light in panel below monitor shows the presence of power and
    CPU fan is blowing). There is simply no BIOS Beeps!!!. I tried again by
    removing the USBs i soldered, but no change in the condition. My
    smartcard reader was disabled (came with this model) by acer thailand,
    as I lost the supplied samrtcards. Is there any chance that, as i had
    to remove the BIOS battery to dismentle the system, the bios got reset
    ??? As far as i can remember, the technicians from acer told me they
    disable it from motherboard (i guess they meant the DIP switches).

    Any suggestions from any of the experts????

    Thank you all.
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