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Acer LCD case locked.. K-LOCK?..

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Chad Entringer, Jul 19, 2007.

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  1. Hi guys.. I am just getting my feet wet in LCD repair and came across
    an acer AL1916 that i cant seem to open. there were only 2 screws that
    i have seen and then also noticed a lock picture with a K .. there is
    a small hole.. i cant see much down there i assume this is some sort
    of security key?. I tried to pic down there with no results.. does
    anyone know how to open these without a key if thats the case or are
    these molded shut somewhere?.. thanks.
  2. Do you have any experience dismantling a Toshiba Satellite Pro 420 CDT? or know
    of a plce where I can fidnout how to dismantle it. The power switch seems to be
    gone an I would like to look inside. I didnot have much luck searching or the
    info. Thanks for you help.

  3. Falcon16

    Falcon16 Guest

    if they have a K they are most likely torx screws which you need a
    special type of driver with a hollow tube in the center to fit around
    the pin to turn them. go to a computer shop and ask for torx drivers
    they will know what to give you (make sure you ask for the hollow
    pointed tips)

    hope this helos
  4. ok i overlooked this one.. its just a snap-tight case.. prys open ..
    no i havnt worked on much outside the crt realm until recently.
    good luck on the cdt.
  5. If it is a rectangular hole it is for attaching an anti-theft lock like
    found on laptop computers. It has nothing to do with getting the case off.
  6. Wild_Bill

    Wild_Bill Guest

    The holes in many portable gizmos are for attaching an anti-theft leash to
    them, so thet can't "wander off". I think the company that makes the
    security cables might be Kingston.
    Now you can secure these plastic-cased electronic devices to a counter/desk
    with an aircraft-grade cable.

  7. Chris Jones

    Chris Jones Guest
  8. Gary Tait

    Gary Tait Guest

    No. It is a slot for a security device to be installed.

    Screws could be under feet, plastic covers, labels, or under the keyboard.
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