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Acer 99

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Mark D. Zacharias, Dec 30, 2004.

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  1. No biggie but I inherited this 19" monitor, which would be really nice on my
    bench at work - a 14" doesn't make it trying to read schematics with these
    old eyes.

    Anyway, the horizontal width is occasionally unstable, and even more
    occasionally the vertical AND horizontal collapse very briefly.

    I've resoldered everything in sight, no good.

    Any ideas?

    Maybe the 130v line cutting out?

    The smps max output is 80v. Haven't found the 130v yet.

    Mark Z.
  2. Are you measuring the B+ referenced to the hot or cold ground? You likely
    have your 130v if the width is not severely diminished.

    I don't do monitors much, mostly consumer video, but what you describe
    sounds like bad solder connections in the B+ supply or H drive circuits.

  3. I'm pretty sure is was cold ground, I was measuring the smps output side. I
    installed the monitor and will just use it til it dies. Either way I need a
    biger monitor. All these PDF schematics.....

    Mark Z.
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