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Access control

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by petem, Sep 28, 2004.

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  1. petem

    petem Guest

    Someone named (Proguard Security) Proclaimed on 28
    Sep 2004 20:54:20 -0700,
    You need to specify a bit more info about your project.....

    do you need time and attendence stuff ?
    The type of reader need to be mag stripe?
    do you need to interface with an alarm system?

    when you say 4 main door and 4 to 6 you mean 4 door controled
    in/out and 4 to 6 controled in only?

    take a look at Kantech web syte( there is a demo of the
    software on the download section...

    they have 3 software version a light one (special edition) a standart one
    (corporate edition) and a large one(global edition)

    they have 3 type of controler the kt 100 wich can control 1
    the kt 300 wich can control 2 door in or 1 door in/out
    the kt 200 wich can control 2 door in or 1 door in/out and can be upgraded
    to have up to 16 relay and elevator control

    I lkie this brand cause of the way they handle the status of the door wich
    can be very usefull for alarm purpose..
    i can control alarm system based on the access level you have..( you cannot
    enter the place if you dont have the good access level if the alarm system
    is armed..even if you would have access in those hour....)

    so if lets say you have employe that need a supervisor to be in before they
    can,you give the supervisor the access to disarm the alarm system and not
    the employee......

    Give use more info...
  2. Can someone suggest me a good and reliable access control panel? What
    i need is to have 4 main access points and 5 to 6 secondary access
    points with magnetic cards to open doors. Also i need the magnetic
    card to open all the main access points and specific secondary points,
    giving also the ability to record the date - time - user of the event.
    Anyone suugestions?

    Thanks in advance!

  3. G. Morgan

    G. Morgan Guest

    Someone named (Proguard Security) Proclaimed on
    28 Sep 2004 20:54:20 -0700,
    Your question is like asking "What security panel can monitor 5 to 6
    windows, and report to a central station if one is opened".

    Lets examine your needs:

    1> You need the ability to control 6 doors.

    2> You need software to log events

    3> You need some form of 'reader' on the doors to allow access.

    Here are some questions for you:

    1> Do you expect, in the future, to add on to the system?

    2> Does the software need to:

    a> monitor door alarms
    b> schedule user access based on time/date
    c> be monitored remotely

    3> How many users are there (present & future)?

    4> Are you installing the locks? What kind of locks? Strikes/

    5> Do you need request to exit devices like PIR's and buttons?

    6> you said magnetic cards, but do you know of the other technologies?
    LIke Proximity, wiegand, and biometric?

    There is a lot that goes into planning an access control system,
    Spyros. Here are a couple links to get you started:

  4. alarman

    alarman Guest

    Check out

    Dependable, simple to install.
  5. Aegis

    Aegis Guest

    Just about every access control product will accomplish what you specify
    here, so the main question is "good and reliable". IMO, good and reliable
    access panels include products from AMAG, Hirsch, Casi-Rusco, and Software
    House. Even though my company chooses to install them like candy, I no
    longer stand behind the Northern access control products. IEI and Kantech
    make pretty reliable systems that aren't very expensive as well.

    Are you sure you want magnetic cards? Prox, Smart Card, and Biometric are
    the current trend. The only reason I'd spec magnetic cards is if I wanted to
    use existing cards (like a drivers' license with mag stripe or something of
    that nature).
  6. J. Sloud

    J. Sloud Guest

    Just curious as to why you don't like Northern's stuff? Granted the
    WinPak/ N1000 series stuff is 5+ year old technology, but the WinPak
    Pro and NexWatch products seem to stack up well against the
  7. jackcsg

    jackcsg Guest

    I could give you 16 years worth of stories of why they're junk. A door here
    a door there they're ok, but put them in a network of panels....junk.

  8. petem

    petem Guest


    I think that you never worked with a big northern system...

    I am certified on the prowatch software,and the whole thing is garbage...
    in fact the software never fully did all it was supposed to do,then when
    they saw they were not able to make it work they stated a new software....

    another thing..have you ever monitored what is transfered as info in the
    communication cable?
    i can tell you that its all simple ascii...

    not very secure...the worst, all the communication protocol in describe in
    the panel manual....

    i can make a pw 2000 or a n-1000 what ever i like..just give me access to
    the com cable..
    (EVEN IF AKC/NAK) is on...
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