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Accelerometer in Southampton or India

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by cafm, Mar 23, 2007.

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  1. cafm

    cafm Guest

    Hi Guys

    I am currently working out of UK for 3 months and am in desperate need
    of a Accelerometer for a team that working out of India. They have
    asked me for help in procuring the same.

    Its a amateur project and almost any kind of cheap Accelerometer
    would do. Can you guys give tips on getting it here (Southampton,UK)
    or back in India

    Thanks in advance
  2. Guest

    Just the chip, or some kind of module?
  3. cafm

    cafm Guest

    We want a device to convert g to a voltage....its a project to build
    Just a simple MAV which maintains its position in air via self
    correction ie) it is to maintain constant altitude and not drift off.

    We need the output of the chip/module to be read in by a pic either in
    digital form or in analog for via a DAC.

  4. Guest

    That still did not answer the question, but if you are just looking
    for the sensor IC, get samples of the Analog Devices ADXL322 or
    whatever part is appropriate.
  5. cafm

    cafm Guest

    Thank you.... :) we had done the same 4 weeks back but got it only
  6. Guest

    Check this product from ST Micro
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