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AC Power Adapter for Sony Portable?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by KenO, Dec 11, 2012.

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  1. KenO

    KenO Guest

    Was asked to find out what AC power adapter would work for a Sony Water Resistant Sports AM/FM Cassette Recorder Model CFS 902.

    Did a search of Sony's website but only found the primary user manual whichwas not give a rating for the AC power adapter.,6,85,3,36,9,51,111,47,38,4,34,37,43,117,5

    Did a forum search using Sony AC adapter but only thing found was and it was for a portable Sony CD player.

    Realize the important thing is to get a AC adapter with the correct polarity (+ outer).

    Am interested in any suggestions in choosing an AC adapter for this Sony portable.

    FYI: Every thing works OK on batteries.

  2. Guest

    The part number is: 1-463-968-11 Model is AC-940
    It looks like a 9V adapter and uis no longer available from Sony.

    I may have one at the shop. Where are you located?

  3. Guest

    The manual you referenced gives enough information to figure it out.
    The CFS 902 uses 6 'C' cells. That's 9 volts. It will operate for 27
    hours on alkaline batteries. Alkaline 'C' cells are rated at 8000
    mAH. Doing the math, that's 300 mA for 27 hours. Add at least 50%
    for safety.

    So you are looking for an AC adapter rated for 9V, 500 mAH with the
    proper connector.

  4. 9 V / 500 mA seems okay:



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