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AC Motors

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by yakobiana, Sep 18, 2003.

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  1. yakobiana

    yakobiana Guest

    I hope my question will not be stupied.
    I dont understand how can it be that ac motors dont need groung ponit
    in DC motors.
    Maby i dont understand the meening of ac current , does ac current
    needs groud
    to work and if yed than whay? i can understand why it is needed for dc
    current but why for ac ?

    If someone can light my eyes please.

  2. Ground has nothing to do with motor operation, either AC or DC.
    Motors need a source of potential difference (voltage) to provide the
    electromotive force to drive current through the motor. Every time
    the coils turn over (with respect to the magnetic field), the voltage
    needs to be reversed. In a DC motor, this reversing is done with
    brushes and commutators, or with solid state switches. In AC motors,
    the reversal comes from the sine wave voltage changing polarity.
    Dc motors can run off a battery that has no connection to ground. AC
    motors can run off a transformer winding that has no connection to
  3. This may help:
  4. We often _call_ one side of a DC supply "ground", whether or not it is
    actually connected to the earth, whereas with AC power wiring,
    "ground" is a non-current-carrying conductor. In AC wiring, the
    equivalent to the DC "ground" is often called "neutral" - perhaps this
    is the cause of your confusion?
  5. Your mind reading skills may be lots better than mine. :)
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