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AC/DC Adaptor schematic symbol

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by fashazee, Mar 30, 2006.

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  1. fashazee

    fashazee Guest


    Does anyone out there know, if there is a schematic symbol for an AC/DC
    adaptor. If not, then what would be
    the best way to represent it in an electrical schematic?

    Thank you very much in advance,
  2. ac |\ | dc
    --| \|------
    |/ |

    A diode :)
  3. Simon Scott

    Simon Scott Guest

    James Thompson wrote:

    Since this is my first post to sci.electronics.basics, and I am indeed a
    beginner, I have to ask:

    wouldnt that give you half phase AC, not actual DC?

    Or would you call it 'wobbly DC'?

    As I said, Im a complete noob to electronics (Im a comp sci guy who has
    taken a recent interest) so excuse the stupid questions!

  4. John Larkin

    John Larkin Guest

    JT was making a little joke.

    I'd just draw a rectangle. Two wires on the left would be labeled ACH
    and ACL or something, and on the right + and -.

    Inside, say what it is: "28 VAC to 10 VDC CONVERTER"

  5. Yes, couldn't resist it. Would be more of a bridge diode. Like john said,
    draw a box with 4 leads - 2 labeled ac and the + and - leads.
  6. For weird stuff like that, I just use a four pin IC outline and label it.
  7. ehsjr

    ehsjr Guest

    Actually, it is more than a bridge rectifier. In fact,
    while a bridge rectifier would rectify the AC into pulsating
    DC, one should never confuse an "AC-DC adapter" with a
    bridge rectifier. An AC-DC adapter *may* have a bridge
    rectifier inside it, but it also may not. The term
    "AC-DC adaptor" *strongly* implies a transformer followed
    by a rectifier. Most, if not all, "AC-DC adapters" contain
    a transformer and a rectifier. The fear here with joking
    that it is a diode or a bridge is that the OP, who is perhaps
    not familiar enough to recognize the joke, may be confused.

    To the OP
    Draw a box showing input and output, and put a label inside
    it or over it; make it as large or small as you like:

    --------------- AC-DC
    | 9 Volt | Adapter
    | AC-DC Adapter | -----
    | | ~ --| 9V |-- +
    --|120VAC + |---- ~ --|150mA|-- -
    | 9V | -----
    --|120VAC - |----
    | |
    |Output: 150 mA |
    | |

    These things are very often "wall warts", so you
    might even label it a "9V DC wall wart". Be sure
    to specify the voltage - 3V, 6V, 9V, whatever and
    identify which output lead is positive.

  8. Andreas B.

    Andreas B. Guest

    By the way; it's still DC because it never changes polarity/direction. You can call it pulsating DC.

  9. Simon Scott

    Simon Scott Guest

    Nice response, thanks.

    I didnt get the joke, maybe one day I will :)
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