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ac adapter

Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by [email protected], May 13, 2007.

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  1. Guest

    I have an electric dog fence. We had an electrical storm the other
    night, and the next day the dog fence was not working. After some
    trouble shooting, I determined the problem was fortunately not the
    transmitter, but the AC adapter. My wife was going out and I sent her
    to Radio Shack with the broken AC adapter and with the mission to look
    for a replacement. The old adapter has an output on 12 Volts AC and
    200 mA. I told her to look for an exact match, but since I knew that
    wasn't likely I told her something will less Voltage or Amperage might
    work. Well the fellow at Radio Shack told her I was wrong, and that
    less amperage was bad and could damage the transmitter, but more
    amperage would be fine. He convinced her to buy an adapter with a 800
    mA output. So she brought it home and after being plugged for a
    matter of seconds, the transmitter was fried.

    I call Radio Shack and the guy insists that the 800 mA should not have
    been a problem and it was something else that caused a problem.

    Is he right? That doesn't make sense to me. To me more amperage
    would a bad thing. But I am not an electrical engineer. So if anyone
    could help me out here and tell me who is right, I would appreciate

  2. Yes! The most important thing is that the output voltage of the new
    AC adapter is the same as the output voltage of the old one.

    The old one could deliver 200 mA; that obviously was sufficient for
    the proper operation of the transmitter which draws just the current
    it needs.

    The new AC adapter is able to deliver 800 mA. That doesn't matter:
    your transmitter will still draw the current it needs ...


  3. CJT

    CJT Guest

    He seems right to me. Probably what happened is that the storm DID
    damage the transmitter and either it or the storm then/also fried the
    adapter. The new adapter was more powerful, leaving the transmitter
    as the weak link, so it then smoked.
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