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Abridged version - Alarm system transformer + power supply

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by doug, Nov 27, 2013.

  1. doug

    doug Guest

    My alarm stopped working
    I replaced the transformer
    Now it works again

  2. I was working on the main circuit breaker panel, and,
    0. I shut off the 200A service & the generator kicked in.
    1. The alarm complained with a loud beeeeeep until I shut off the generator.
    Next day ...
    2. My alarm stopped working
    3. I replaced the transformer
    4. Now it works again but without battery backup
    5. I will replace the battery
    6. And I will replace the battery protection board

    Then I'll be done!

  3. I thought we were using leftover Russian moon rocket engines? ^_^

  4. Nope, NASA actually used some Russian rocket motors. ^_^

  5. Guest

    Because the US government is incapable of doing anything, anymore.
  6. Look at who dumbass voters put in charge. Now many of them realize just
    how badly they have been deceived and that they fell for all the flash
    and showmanship of The Democrat Party. Of course, too many of them still
    believe in The Tooth Fairy and that their Messiah will give them free
    money and stuff. ^_^

  7. Guest

    Those very same dumbass voters are the reason that the US can't
    accomplish anything anymore. Flash over substance wins every time,
    except when it comes to eating, there has to be some substance.
    They'll soon find out.
  8. Tony Hwang

    Tony Hwang Guest

    Not using metric system is another possible reason getting beaten by
    Russians at the start line.
  9. Guest

    Don't be absurd.
  10. Tony Hwang

    Tony Hwang Guest

    Do you think Democrat and Republican(up here Liberal and Conservative)
    are different? Why then people complain no matter who governs. They are
    same all crooked bunch with different name and color. I feel like at
    times we need BLOODY revolution like French revolution..... It's funny
    you must be at voting age too. Calling yourself dumbass?, LOL!
    Relax, keep your BP down, no use bitching. Just take care of yourself
    best you can. That's what I do.
  11. Guest

    If you think they're the same you're even crazier than you let on
    Lefties always whine, just as they always lie. You seem to fit the
    You lefties *will* lose.
    I didn't vote for socialism, idiot.
    That's all you lefties care about, "taking care of yourself". Plunder
    and spend.
  12. All my measuring instruments are marked with metric units but my brain
    hasn't been totally converted into metric. ^_^

  13. Tony Hwang

    Tony Hwang Guest

    I am leftie, I kick and punch from left eat and write from right.
    I never bothered any one, never took a penny from welfare system.
    All my life I paid my tax, I don't have criminal record. Not even
    a speeding ticket, so am I leftie? Well I even served for your
    military overseas number of years.

    I heard Wal Mart is doing food drive for it's own employees, McDonald
    telling their low wage workers to take second job to survive. Are they
    lefties or what?
  14. Tony Hwang

    Tony Hwang Guest

    I grew up with Metric system. And I had to learn imperial system quick.
    Only problem with Imperial system is poor accuracy. My BIL was air force
    Kiwi constructing air base, designing pipe lines, oil storage tanks,etc.
    Here we live in oil country, pipe lines criss cross
    every where. He mentioned once difficulty in maintaining tight tolerance
    with inch-pound units vs. metric. How do we do logarithm,
    measuring decibel, how do we do all the high level math. in in.-lb.
    After converting to Metric I guess. I was a radio repairman for
    field artillery unit in the service. We used Metric. Kids here learn in
    Metric. Hospitals use Metric. Speed road signs are all Metric, etc.
  15. The U.S. military went metric for most things many years ago. I remember
    the TV reports from Vietnam where soldiers were describing the distance
    of some event in meters. Personally, I like The Metric System. I can
    almost look at a bolt head and pick the proper metric socket. ^_^

  16. Guest

    And lie out of both sides.
    All irrelevant.
    You "heard". You *are* a lefty.
  17. Guest

    Clueless. There is no difference. There can't be.
    He isn't any brighter than you are, then.
    Utter nonsense. Electronics is mostly metric, but also uses base 2,
    8, 16, and logarithms with base e. I do this stuff daily, yet have no
    problem doing woodworking in inch-feet and pounds. Some of my tools
    are metric. No problem. The calibration marks aren't normally
    necessary anyway. If they are, the conversion is trivial.
    Who cares what you do? Knock yourself out. You've said nothing that
    supports your asinine position.
  18. Guest

    "klicks". I could be wrong but believe the Navy still uses yards for
    gunnery, though. hey did fairly recently, anyway.
    I don't have any issues with metric but it's just not the big deal
    that the whiners keep saying that it is. I can spot fractional heads,
    too (I used to be a lot better when I did it more). There really
    isn't all that much difference. It just takes a little education. The
    cost of switching isn't worth the price, though.
  19. I watched a documentary about the modern British Navy where they were
    using yards for the ship's guns but the ground troupes were using
    meters. I'm going to guess that all the naval artillery tables and
    calculations would have to be redone to convert to metric. I remember
    that the older ships have mechanical computers to calculate trajectories
    and it would be quite a chore to refit those old ships. ^_^

  20. Guest

    Note that the Navy also uses nautical miles for surface distance (and
    yards for torpedoes). All of the conversions are trivial for the few
    times they're necessary. Certainly easier than the entire service
    changing. The same is true for domestic use of FPS. With calculators
    and computers, it's even more true.
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