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about usb interfacing

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Dr. Click, Jun 11, 2007.

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  1. Dr. Click

    Dr. Click Guest

    hey guys!! plz i need ur help. i want to design a simple device that
    consists of 3 input buttons and then interface it to the USB port on
    my pc. i have no past experience about microcontrollers or
    interfacing. please guide me with the 1st step on my road. ur help
    would be so much appreciated coz i need that urgently.
  2. see if you can understand this

  3. Jasen

    Jasen Guest

    a typical USB mouse has more than three buttons

    if you really want to build it yourself an AVR ATTiny2313 running
    the Igor-Plug (or AVRUSB) software (this is software USB) would
    be one option

    otherwise you could use a more expensive microcontroller with a
    built-in usb interface...

    or even a USB-to-serial chip will give you 4 inputs, (5 if you
    count break) but you'd need software to make them act like

  4. Guest

    I'm on the same road as you, I started learning about using USB with
    microcontrollers. The microcontroller that I have chosen is the
    Freescale MC68HC908JB8, and using the universal HID (human interface
    device) USB drivers.

    Notable information on the JB8:
    -In circuit programability
    -FLASH memory (no need for an expensive programmer)
    -Onboard USB
    -Many versitle I/O pins
    -Free samples from freescale
    -Free compiler (CodeWarior)
    -Well documented
    -Available in PDIP and SOIC

    Hope this helps
  5. mpm

    mpm Guest

    Unfortunately, USB is a steep learning curve. (I can recommend a
    couple books.)
    There is some interfacing hardware (chips) out there to make it a
    little easier, but your product cost go up.

    And if you do it mostly with software, it will be cheap, but the
    learning curve will be even worse.
  6. D from BC

    D from BC Guest

    How hard can it be??
    There's the universal...
    The serial..
    And the bus.... :)
    D from BC
  7. mpm

    mpm Guest

    They conveniently left out the part about "enumeration".... :)

  8. homermandoh

    homermandoh Guest

    I totaly agree, I've been at it for over a year, reading books and
    magazines, and reading the PDFs of the USB standards, and its alot to
    digest. If you are looking for fast and cheap, get an USB to RS232
    converter, and stick to serial. If you are looking for a great and
    versitile interface, then please continue to learn about USB, but
    depending on your electronics background, its not going to be

    If you would like, I'll try to find the magazine articles that I read
    to get me started.
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