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About Chip Resistors

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by aman, Apr 11, 2005.

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  1. aman

    aman Guest

    How do Chip resistors compare to Metal/Carbon film resistors in terms
    of Noise immunity and Reactance ?

    Apart from size does chip resistor offer any other advantages ?
  2. You can buy metal film chip resistors and thick film
    chip resistors. They generally have less reactance
    than leaded resistors. For lowest excess noise in
    the presence of DC bias, metal film resistors are
    still best, whether in chip or leaded form.
    When mounted, their parasitics are lower.
  3. Chris

    Chris Guest

    If I might add something to the above, thick film resistors have worse
    temeperature coefficients (although this can be mitigated by using more
    expensive inks). Also, they have a tendency to microcracking. When
    the laser cuts through the fired film while laser trimming, thick film
    tends to develop microscopic cracks running perpendicular to the cut.
    Under load or thermal cycling, these microscopic cracks can grow,
    permanently increasing the resistance. This limits their usefulness
    generally to about 0.5% tolerance at best. This makes thin film a
    better choice for precision chip resistors.

    On the plus side, in addition to lower inductance, thick film chip
    resistors are the least expensive, and automated SMT pick and place is
    far less expensive than axial insertion and cut/clinch.

    Good luck
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