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AA Batteries

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Michael C, Jan 19, 2008.

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  1. Michael C

    Michael C Guest

    Simple question, where can I find the longest lasting rechargable AA
    batteries? And what would be the best charger to get?

    Michael (who's sick of his torch going flat while night diving :)
  2. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

  3. Just be aware the batteries don't become too discharged. For example
    leaving the torch on and forgetting to switch it off, this particular
    charger won't recharge the cells. The charge light for the cell under
    will simply sit there and flash and NOT recharge the cell.

    Opinion is based on personal experience with this particular charger.

    The only option to "resurrect" the cells that have been overly discharged is
    to charge them in a charger that doesn't "think" the cell is damaged or
    over discharged.

    If you ensure you recharge the cells before the terminal voltage gets too
    the said Eveready charger works quite well. Unfortunately I don't know of
    torch that automatically switches off before the batteries are exhausted.

  4. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

  5. Ah, they are charging a fortune for the "bonus" batteries then, that's
    the one I looked at as it was the product number in your original link

    not the $70 S4423 you posted this time.
    Not everyone is out to get you Phil.
    Feedback of 50 is pretty good, hardly a dodgy eBay seller, and it's
    delivered to your door.

  6. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    "David L. Jerkoff = the dumbest MORON on this NG "

    ** Jones the Jerkoff has no brains, no sense & is a totally vile, autistic

    The cretin posts ridiculous SHIT like the above just to make sure we all
    know it.

    ** The shonk has only been on eBay for one month.

    The risks for the buyer are many and very real - no matter that a scum
    of the planet pig like Jones has no clue or the tiniest interest in what
    they are.

    ** So fucking what ?

    YOU have to pay for that.

    ........ Phil
  7. kreed

    kreed Guest

    If you are concerned about the ebay seller - pay with paypal on your
    CREDIT CARD. if the item doesnt come, contact the card company and
    they will credit you, after checking your claim

    I had this happen about 6 months back when buying a development kit
    (that never arrived) from a Canadian ebayer, had no problems getting
    reimbursed from the card company. Paying by bank deposit you are
    probably stuffed as to compensation for non-delivery etc.

    Paypal/ebay offer some form of customer protection in some
    circumstances, but have never used it so cant say how good or bad it

    Have bought in excess of 200 items through ebay in the past few years,
    this is the only problem I have had to date. The savings over stores
    (particularly with electronic components) are often substantial.
  8. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest


    ** That is only ONE of many issues with back yard operators purporting to
    sell new goods on eBay.

    The BIG Q concerns the origin and provenance of the goods ............

    Are they from reject batches, old and defective stock sold at auction or
    maybe goods stolen from shops or warehouses ??

    Are they the genuine brand as advertised - or as is sometimes the case a
    highly inferior clone or counterfeit of the original ?

    Do they meet compulsory electrical safety and EMI regulations ?

    What if any warranty is available ??

    The list is endless.

    ........ Phil
  9. Michael C

    Michael C Guest

    Thanks for the tip Phil, that looks pretty cool as the incar option would be
    a bonus. Do you know though if these batteries outperform others or is there
    little difference between various brands? I though it was possible to get
    3000mAh batteries?

  10. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    "Michael C"

    ** They do exist, but are not easy to find and may well suffer serious
    drawbacks compared to the more common 2 & 2.5 Ah types - ie they are not
    compatible with 1 hr fast charging.

    Engineering is all about making trade offs and what makes the best trade off
    for each particular application.


    You may find good deals on NiMH cell / charger combos at Woollies and Coles
    supermarkets and places like K-Mart too.

    ........ Phil
  11. Michael C

    Michael C Guest

    I've had this problem before and had to put the batteries in a charger I no
    longer use just the get it going. The reason I don't use that charger is it
    doesn't switch off and you have to remember to take the batteries out
    yourself. But the one I have that switches itself off doesn't charge dead
    flat batteries either.
  12. Michael C

    Michael C Guest

    I have seen the same ones (energised) at coles, I check the price next time
    I'm there. The other thing I didn't think of was converting it to LED,
    something I should investigate.

  13. Michael C

    Michael C Guest

    That was meant to be energizer, not energised. :)

  14. Bob Parker

    Bob Parker Guest

    FWIW, I've found that the Duracell 2650mAH NiMH AA cells they flog
    at Woolies and Coles are very good. Their rate of self discharge seems
    to be lower than the Energizer 2500mAH ones, and they cost the same.
    I've seen chargers for them around the place but didn't take much
    notice. They might have been the kind which take ~15 hours to charge them.

  15. ian field

    ian field Guest

    One of the magazines available in the UK recently published plans to convert
    a diving torch to LEDs, I think it may have been Elektor - try a search on
    their website, if not it could have been Everyday Practical Electronics
  16. "Phil Allison"

    I agree!
    I made the mistake of buying some Lithium batteries from an eBay seller.
    Good feedback & all. About half the price of the same batteries available
    here. Same 'quality' brand just a lot cheaper. Over half of them were no
    good. Very boring indeed. Probably a reject batch sold off cheap.

    Angelo Sartore


  17. Lithium batteries have a shelf life, especially the rechargeables.
    I often laugh at the casual user who gets conned into buying
    a spare Lithium Ion battery for their mobile phone only to discover
    that by the time they have exhausted the first battery's rechargeability
    the second (spare) is half dead.

  18. Bob Parker

    Bob Parker Guest

    That's exactly the reason I've avoided Ebay and bought from normal
    outlets. If you get something from DSE which is defective, you just take
    it back and the drones will replace it on the spot.
    One of my mates bought a used digital camera for me on Ebay. When I
    got it, it was just the camera with none of its accessories (e.g. USB
    cable), not even its soft case, and it was full of rock concert photos.
    Almost like the seller grabbed it while the owner wasn't looking then
    sold it.
    OK, maybe I'm cynical ...

  19. Sounds pretty right to me Bob.
    Lots of stolen stuff ends up on Ebay.
    Pointless taking it to the pawn shops as they have to
    list all pawned items with the police and then keep
    stuff for a couple of weeks before they can sell it.
    Too much chance the thief will get nabbed.

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