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A/V receiver tape out doesn't work for DVD/SPDIF input.

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Bob F, Jul 7, 2007.

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  1. Bob F

    Bob F Guest

    I have a kenwood VR-6050 receiver. Connected to the "tape out" RCA
    jacks on the back is a FM transmitter that I use to relay whatever I
    am listening to to FM receivers in my basement and garage, so that
    whatever I am listening to shows up there also. My problem is that my
    computer which is connected to the receiver through one input using
    coax SPDIF does not reach the tape outputs. When I play audio or
    videos from the computers, the FM transmitter does not receive the
    audio. I have tried both the audio TAPE OUT connection and the VCR
    TAPE OUT connection on the receiver. Neither gets the signal.

    I can find no documentation concerning this in the Manual for the

    Would anyone have any knowledge of a way to get the receiver to pass
    this audio signal on it's SPDIF input on to the TAPE OUT connector, or
    any other way to get a LINE OUT equivalent that would include that

    Bob F
  2. This is normal operation. If you want an analog output from a digital source
    you are probably just going to have to get a D/A converter.

    They do this to discourage copyright infringement of higher-quality digital
    sources, having long ago lost the battle on analog sources.

    Mark Z.
  3. Zebra

    Zebra Guest

    How about connecting the Fm transmitter to the headphone jack? You should
    get all the digital and analog output there. Beware of the volume, it may
    become too loud :)
  4. Bob F

    Bob F Guest

    Good thought, but the volume issue is definately a concern. I am going
    to try running analog signals from the computer to another receiver
    input, so I can choose the digital or analog signal depending on my

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