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A Sony' CRTs color is screwed up.

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by micky, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. Smarty

    Smarty Guest

    No disagreement that the well qualified folks here have seen it all and
    done it all in terms of tackling all sorts of purity problems. My
    intention has been to understand what causes the characteristics which
    have been described, and I think a frank answer is that none of us fully
    understand it but can offer explanations which are way beyond adequate
    for repair purposes.
  2. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    "William Sommerwanker, Stalker and TROLL"

    ** You are an utter idiot on every possible level.

    You are totally WRONG about me.

    You post hate messages because I make you look like such a fool.

    Drop dead.

    .... Phil
  3. "Smarty" wrote in message
    I don't think you understand transfer characteristics.

    You're not alone. About 30 years ago, Bob Carver announced he intended to
    introduce a TV monitor that eliminated the compression in the video signal.

    The operative word is "clearly".

    I have been in similar situations, and when I found that there was no
    communication or learning (on either side), I simply backed off and let the
    dust settle.

    I believe you're sincere when you say you need and want to understand
    underlying principles. I am, too. But you are still clearly stuck on
    "authority worship".
  4. "Phil Allison" wrote in message "William Sommerwanker, Stalker and TROLL"
    ** You are an utter idiot on every possible level.

    Then prove it. Stop posting nasty remarks when you disagree with someone.

    And what do you make yourself look like?

    When are you going to seek help?
  5. Smarty

    Smarty Guest

    Enlighten me, William Emperor, or are your new clothes still at the dry

    I can't wait to hear your insight on this one. Or are you intending to
    send me yet another irrelevant citation?
  6. Smarty

    Smarty Guest

    Of all of your comments, this is by far the most comical.

    Unlike you, who resorts to re-directing any question to a citation or
    published article, as if it somehow a specific authority you might
    worship answers the question, and thus relies on other authorities to
    answer questions you cannot answer.....

    I have been seeking explanations here, exposing my own ignorance, and
    (HEAVEN FORBID) the ignorance of others, yourself included.

    I have been accused of many things in my engineering career, but I
    assure you that "authority worship" has never been one of them. The most
    common 'complaint' I have suffered has always been: "Boy, he sure asks a
    lot of questions." or "He won't take the obvious answer" I suffer these
    comments gladly, since I believe this is the ONLY good way to reveal the
    actual underlying facts and truth in technical areas.

    Unfortunately, this same approach raises the hackles of Internet trolls,
    technical wannabes, and pompous technical illiterates, who most
    certainly inhabit the Internet in newsgroups, forums and elsewhere.
  7. I believe you're sincere when you say you need and want to
    Because you don't accept me as an authority (which you shouldn't -- or anyone
    else for that matter). Yet you obviously grovel in front of Peter Scheiber.

    I expect people to think think through stuff for themselves, and not blindly
    believe anyone. Anyone. But people generally refuse to do this, because it
    frightens them. In the case of phase shift, I could not remember the exact
    reason, so I spent my valuable time searching for you, and found a clear
    explanation from Michael Gerzon. Have you read the article? Do you understand
    what he's talking about? (I expect an answer from you on this.)

    Do you know who Michael Gerzon was? (No, of course not. You probably don't
    even know who Edwin Land was, even though, as you read this, you're probably
    sitting in front of a device one of inventions makes possible.) Gerzon
    arguably contributed more to our understanding of the psychoacoustics of
    surround sound, particularly with regard to recording & playback, encoding and
    decoding, than everyone else put together.

    Asking questions is only part learning these things.

    You seem to argue before you have carefully considered the information you
    have received. This shows a lack of respect for the people who spend their
    time trying to answer your questions. I might eventually go back to David
    Janszen for further information about driver modeling -- but it won't be until
    after I have thoroughly studied he pointed me do.

    The world is not obliged to give you a simple, easily digested answer for
    every question you might ask. Do you do your homework before you ask? I do.
  8. "Arfa Daily" wrote in message
    You are much too forgiving of Phil's grotesque misbehavior, simply because he
    is extremely knowledgeable about electronics and electronics servicing.

    It is he who created the problem with his beyond-rude behavior. Neither I nor
    anyone in this group is obliged to tolerate it or remain silent.
  9. Guest

    I seems we have another one now. Your personal demon.
  10. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    "Arfa Daily"

    ** Of course it was intended as humour.

    WS takes everything so damn literally and thinks he can read people's minds
    based only on posted words.

    Wot a fool.

    .... Phil
  11. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest


    ** The explanation for many things is often simple enough to understand but
    very hard for those not familiar with the matter to BELIEVE - Einstein is
    said to have made such a remark about his theory of Relativity.

    The usual solution to "wise up" the doubters is by use of a convincing
    demonstration - however those same doubters can invent their own test then
    come up with damn near anything.

    What NEVER works is to hold a "mid air" debate using hypothetical examples
    and thought experiments - cos that is little more than playing mindless
    word games.

    The nature of web forums IS such that it lends itself only to the latter
    approach and renders the former near impossible.

    ** See above for the explanation.


    Many moons ago, I came up with a simple demonstration that showed clearly
    how a number of different make and model stereo power amplifiers sounded
    exactly the same. This was to clear up the notion strongly held by their
    various owners that each possessed its own, distinctive "sound".

    Most who tried the new test were flatly unimpressed, returned to their old
    and discredited test method and continued to believe in non existent
    differences as before.

    My simple test is explained here:

    ..... Phil
  12. "Phil Allison" wrote in message "Arfa Daily"

    The only interesting "flash" from Phil would be spontaneous combustion.
    ** Of course it was intended as humour.

    Of course it wasn't. You are emotionally disturbed person who says whatever he
    likes because he knows he can get away with it.

    I see the same thing in every UseNet group. Person A attacks person B, and
    when B defends himself, he's jumped on as the cause of the problem. Human
    beings are moral idiots. They tolerate bad behavior, then blame the victim.

    Phil is clearly /capable/ of doing serious harm to someone (though whether he
    actually would is unknowable). When it happens, everyone in this group will
    say "Oh, gee, I never suspected. He was just making jokes." Yeah, sure.

    Phil is not a lighthearted clown. He has emotional problems. And if you can't
    see that, if you think the rude, nasty things he says are "just in fun"...
    What can I say?
  13. "Phil Allison" wrote in message
    Not so. The correct conclusion would have been that the amplifiers were
    indistinguishable under the test conditions. There has never been any proof of
    what ABX testing does or does not reveal. You are assuming it is a valid test.
    It might or might not be. But no one wants to go to the trouble to find out.

    Amplifiers that "measure well" can and do sound different. (I can give an
    example if you like.) Now, I can suggest a listening test that probably reveal
    real differences among amplifiers. But when I suggest it, you will scream your
    heads off and call me all sorts of names.
  14. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    "William Sommerwerck"

    ** I am being stalked by WS.

    Only people with a mental illness stalk others, on usenet or in real life.

    Only people with a mental illness try to punish those who were not
    sufficiently polite to them on usenet or in real life.

    ..... Phil
  15. Smarty

    Smarty Guest

    As a forum for lively conversation, the internet is arguably unbeatable
    given its scope both demographically as well as the global reach, but
    sadly it does indeed create the very hollow and unconvincing exchanges
    you describe.

    On the subject of amplifier comparisons, I share your belief that much
    of the purported differences people supposedly hear and pay a huge
    premium to own are non-existent, or at least highly exaggerated. Biases
    arising from "golden-eared" pretentious reviewers add to the deception,
    as does the fundamental greed which causes dealers and manufacturers to
    create artificial claims and product distinctions which unwary consumers
    pay needlessly to own. Pretentious buyers and their egos are also ripe
    for being exploited. Simple differences in amplitude correlate highly
    with "goodness" in the ears of the uninformed.

    Some of the earlier studies on perceptual coding which were done at the
    onset of mpeg compression and other lossy techniques amply demonstrated
    how very easily the ear and brain can be fooled. The human hearing
    apparatus is an awesome and miraculous thing, yet it has virtually no
    memory nor quantitative ways to compare A/B, and is, in the final
    analysis, mediated by a very imprecise thinking and cognition process
    which is highly subjective and, to this day, not well understood.

    Human frailty and limited perceptual range put aside, we also have the
    ultimate issue of creating "high fidelity" simulations of things which
    never can be absolute. The Cleveland Philharmonic sounds a lot different
    in the orchestra pit than it does from the balcony. And the acoustic
    impact of a full audience on reflected energy may differ from season to
    season based on something as simple as heavier winter fabrics filling
    the concert hall. In the final analysis, any pretense that there is some
    form of "best" solution need only look at the same type of market-driven
    hype surrounding wines, cigars, gourmet foods, and many other
    discretionary purchases. The world is loaded with "experts" who
    pontificate and critique and extol and denounce, but they are,
    ultimately, narcissistic, have hidden agendas, or feel their judgement
    somehow matters more because they have a journalistic megaphone. Sadly,
    the internet has enlarged their audiences.

    End of rant--------------------------------------
  16. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    "William Sommerwanker TROLL"
    ** It is so, if you put back the missing context for my remark.


    ** That was my conclusion.

    The test conditions were those of normal, home use.

    ** Wrong and irrelevant - my test had nothing to do with ABX.

    ** The ones in my test did not and that is all I set out to prove.

    ( They were ones I had available to me for loan or had been recently

    ** The amps compared included a Quad 405, a Crown D150 and several similar
    amps built using a very elegant design by Australian engineer CT Murray.
    Each was carefully bench tested prior to the listening test to make sure it
    had no issues.


    I am not one bit interested in your ratbag opinions on audio or ANYTHING

    **** off - you ridiculous TROLL.

    ..... Phil
  17. Smarty

    Smarty Guest


    You are, of course, correct. Let me offer an apology to William and to
    this newsgroup for having provided at least half of the noise and
    argumentation here. The personal attacks certainly do not add to the
    body of technical understanding, and no doubt add confusion and anxiety

    Ironically, I spend some amount of time with my grand-kids preaching
    fairness, absolutely no name-calling, and respect for others. And in
    fact, this very topic arose tonight at a birthday celebration, where my
    5 year old grad-daughter was dealing with bullying at school.

    I will sincerely avoid all such activities henceforth in the spirit of
    going forward amicably, and again offer apologies to those whom I may
    have offended.
  18. micky

    micky Guest

    I'd done it already by then, but only a little and I'm glad to say it
    didn't make the picture worse.
    I don't have a bulk tape eraser or a Weller soldering gun, but I do
    have a WEN "75" soldering gun. That's the one in dark red plastic
    made to look like an actual gun, a revolver, with indentations between
    the places the bullets are supposed to be.

    It has one light bulb at the base of the heating element, but the
    element doesn't have two separated connections like the Weller does.

    Instead it has one thin 2,5" rod, a tube with a heating element and
    the return wire in it too.

    Do you think that is close enough to the Weller??

    After my Freecycle request, someone wrote that a table fan will work
    as a degausser. He wrote "The fan I used had an induction motor** like
    the ones found on cheap turntables.The magnetism came off the side. It
    removed the mess a magnetized screwdriver had caused.(nephew: "Look at
    the neat patterns on the screen!")" Is this a risky idea?

    **Basically, an induction motor is any motor without brushes, right?
    Like almost all small and mediuml fans?
  19. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest


    ** Wot a wimp out.

    This newsgroups is chock full of fuckwit trolls and William one of the

    Word of advice:

    Never apologise to a troll - it only encourages them.

    .... Phil
  20. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest


    ** FFS stop wasting your and our time.

    Is the set's de-gaussing thermistor working or not ??

    Does it go * BONG * at switch on or NOT ??

    Odds-on it is the problem and when fixed the set will de-gauss itself.

    .... Phil
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