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A portable 220 volt recepticle

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by scandi, Jul 19, 2006.

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  1. scandi

    scandi Guest

    There was a past letter on Goggle regarding one's idea of making a 220
    volt portable recepticle. Single phase yet this was not specified. It
    was too old for me to respond directly.
    The problem with the proposed solution was that he proposed something
    very dangerous; His example was to create 110 volt cords with male ends
    at both ends to feed the 220 volt box, This is not just dangerous but
    In my design which I have not implemented yet, I would feed the 220
    volt plug/box with two
    regular 12 guage three conductor 50 foot extension cords. The box
    would have 2 to 3 foot male ended three conductor cords-plugs, There
    would be no open live circuit(s), no bleed through current to the other
    cord as the box is wired correctly.
    Two things I would like to implement in the box: Phase lighting
    indicating A circuit to B or vice versa B to A, that they are 180* out
    of Phase with each other. The second thing is a two way heavy duty
    switch to chose from which Ground I'll be using, Switched only before
    power up. I know there's only one common ground, but there may be
    unforseen reasons Ione may need this variable in the box.
    This is for a welder, then a 220 volt wired radial, table or mitre type
    saw or jack hammer for building.
    On the cords I plan to upgrade to 10 guage fifty footers, Love that new
    yellow 10G cord at Lowes.
    Your electrical or electronics expertise will be appreciated. Pete
  2. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    Yes, that is insanely dangerous. It is theoretically doable, with a
    huge pile of safety precautions and disclaimers, but if you do actually
    do anything that stupid and burn your house down, the insurance company
    won't pay off and you'll still owe on the mortgage.

    And if you're renting, you could end up in prison.

    Or, of course, in either case, dead, from electrocution or incineration.

    Don't do it. Wire a proper 220V outlet, or better yet, have one installed
    by a real electrician.

  3. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    ** Insane Google Groper Alert !!!


    With a load device connected to the proposed box and ONE of the two cords
    plugged in - the other then has a live exposed pin.

    EXTREMELY dangerous and ILLEGAL.

    FORGET IT !!!!!!!!!!

    ........ Phil
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