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A New Twist in My GFI Story

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by W. eWatson, Jun 14, 2011.

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  1. W. eWatson

    W. eWatson Guest

    I think this calls for the replacement of another GFCI (GFI). Same
    story above the "Voltage Drop Along a Long Cord". 14 gauge three prong cord.

    I used the Stihl electric trimmer closer to the house, and in an outlet
    on the back side of the house. After maybe 10 minutes of use, it flipped
    the GFI. I'd reset it, and 2 minutes later it had flipped again. That
    went on 3-4 more times until I finished the work.

    Only 20 minutes earlier I had spent 30 minutes mowing down weeds at a
    station 150' from the house, and never had such a problem.

    Reading the users manual, I discovered this trimer should be able to
    work well with a 14 gauge wire of a length of 150'.

    I have a phone call into Xantrex who made my 600HD 12 rechargeable
    battery to see if I could get one hour of time out of with the trimmer.
    That would help in some extreme areas of the property.
  2. ehsjr

    ehsjr Guest

    The trimmer trips 2 different GFCIs? No tripping of those GFCIs
    when using the mower? If so, your trimmer is defective. Get a new

  3. W. eWatson

    W. eWatson Guest

    It only trips on one circuit.
  4. ehsjr

    ehsjr Guest

    Ok. Replace that GFCI. Or, if you don't mind possibly spending the
    time twice, remove the GFCI, clean the j-box and GFCI and re-install.
    You might get lucky and save the price of a GFCI. I figure the
    time is worth the price of a GFCI. GFCIs (actually, any receptacles)
    installed in an outdoor j-box pick up "grunge" over the years. That
    "grunge" can create a resistive path to ground, and can also muck
    up the PCB inside the GFCI.

    The first diagnosis action is also a repair action - pull the receptacle
    and clean the grunge. Replacing with a new receptacle or GFCI
    receptacle instead of re-installing the old one is low cost, since
    you have to do the same work whether reinstalling the old one or
    replacing it.

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