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A hacker at work? IP

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Airy R. Bean, Dec 13, 2003.

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  1. Airy R. Bean

    Airy R. Bean Guest

    My IP address has only been revealed by malicious posters
    in the NG

    I noticed some strange activity on my ADSL modem,
    and identified as a malicious scan on the one port
    that is open.

    The scanning is coming from IP address,
    which resolves to

    If this is your IP address, perhaps you'll have the decency to
    identify yourself so that a complaint can be made?
  2. Not true

    Hackers scan large IP ranges looking for security vulnerabilities.
    If you have one then it will be found.

    Also your IP addres sis also reveales in evry email you send and recorded by
    every web server you connect to.

  3. repatch

    repatch Guest

    Hehe, you have no idea what you are talking about:

    1. Every single thing you do on the net "reveals" your IP, it's not
    "secret". Heck, even the post you just made reveals your IP.

    2. Port scans happen all the time. I get dozens of logs full of them every
    day, and I'm on a dynamic IP. Consider it "background radiation".

    3. A port scan isn't illegal, you have no grounds to complain.
  4. Guest

    Rubbish. It's in the headers of your postings. Surely you know this?
    You are a software consultant, aren't you? You claim to have been on
    Usenet for years?

    A reasonable newsreader, such as Agent which I am using, means one can
    scan received postings for such information. For example, it tells me
    that you have posted 74 messages from that address since your original
    complaint about BT Broadband.
    And what was it that made that scan 'malicious'?
    Well, didn't you maintain that 'Tiscali' was an Italian word for
    'crap'? (your words)?
    The normal thing to do in these circumstances is to post all the
    information you have to or whatever their abuse
    address is (which as you were a customer of theirs you should be
    familiar with) and they will let you know what they are doing about it
    - always presuming the 'scan' was 'malicious'. Such information should
    be available from your firewall log. You do know what a firewall is?
    And a log? Ask if you're in doubt. HTH
  5. I'm Spartacus...

  6. huLLy

    huLLy Guest

    The clueless newbie usenet fuckwit reveals himself everytime he opens his
  7. Mike Mann

    Mike Mann Guest

    You're revealing your IP address in every single posting you make.
    From the headers of your own posting:
  8. Bob D

    Bob D Guest

    Are you really that stupid?

    a) Your IP address is often as not included in the properties of the posts
    you make. In your case it is there.

    b) I assume you are not using a fire wall? Do you know what a fire wall is?

    c) What have you got on your PC that could be of so much interest?

    You really are a prime pillock.

  9. Assuming you have a dynamic IP and not a static one, (you do understand the
    difference, I assume?) all you need do is power down and restart your PC and
    modem. The chances are that your IP will then change. All you need do then
    is stay off Usenet and your new IP is unlikely to be discovered. This would
    also be advantageous to the rest of the Usenet community.
  10. In message <brfe6o$2svik$>
    The Heinous of the Newsgroup wrote:

    So, Meester Bond, you have discovered my secret new portscanner !

    [ pauses to stroke hairy white moggy on lap ]

    Let us see what it can do.

    [ pushes button on desk ]

    There, Meester Bond, that didn't hurt, did it ? I shall now
    expect to see a flurry of news postings on the internet
    threatening me with action from the United Nations.

    What fools they are !

    Farewell, Meester Bond ........

    73, G.
  11. mike

    mike Guest

    though you had a bit more 'net-sense' OM.

    try getting about 500 of these a day.

    it's most likely a virus on the guys PC anyway.
    if u run a firewall just ignore it.

    don't assume the attackers IP AD is correct anyway.
    it could be a mirror reflector IP in use.

  12. LOL, no wonder this so called software engineer is unemployable...

  13. huLLy

    huLLy Guest

    I just figured out why his front gate is broken.. the moron thought it was a
    logic gate!
  14. Couldn't happen to a nicer chap, in my opinion..
    Justice I believe is the word for it....
  15. Brian Reay

    Brian Reay Guest

    But, to be fair, Gareth must be having an off day. So far we've had: Errors
    in the use of indice notation, errors understanding Euler identities,
    (more) errors re DSP, confusion over time and the period of a waveform.

    Now this IP / hacking stuff.

    Even for Gareth that is a lot of 'blond moments' in one day. Maybe we should
    call them "Gareth Moments" in the future to mark this day.

    G8OSN for FREE training material for all UK
    amateur radio licences - a RADIO club specifically for those wishing
    to learn more about amateur radio
  16. jim.gm4dhj

    jim.gm4dhj Guest

    the more I hear about computers the more I think the best thing is to burn
  17. ROTFL
    What really makes me die, is the clown cross posted this to!
    I wonder how his newfound fan club within that group will view his
    intelligence after reading this thread :)

    Best Wishes

    PS all of a sudden it's gone very quiet in Chippenham, perhaps his broadband
    connection has conveniently gone down!
  18. Is this what he means by "arguing from his maintained knowledge"?
    Looks like he needs a new maintenance contract.
  19. Airy R. Bean

    Airy R. Bean Guest

    That may be so, but it is not an invitation under UK
    law for unauthorised access to be made to it.

  20. Airy R. Bean

    Airy R. Bean Guest

    The CBer identifies himself every time that he opens his mouth....

    Grow up, OM.
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