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a/d, d/a subsystem sources?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by John Hudak, Nov 2, 2007.

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  1. John Hudak

    John Hudak Guest


    I am looking for some guidance on A/D and D/A subsystems at the chip
    level. Are there any mfg that have a single chip solution that
    contains, for example, 8 a/d's (12-14bit) and 4 d/a's? If so, part numbers?

    Many years ago when I did this for a living, if you wanted a high
    quality device, Analog Devices or BB were the two mfg to check out. Has
    that changed? Any company have comparable cost competitive devices?
    (e.g Linear technology? NS?)

    Last question: Could someone point out an a/d subsystem (e.g. 16 se, 8
    de, 100k sampling rate, 12-14bit, serial or parallel interface) that has
    a reasonable cost, and perhaps even recognized as a 'standard' type device?
    I have a similar request for d/a subsystem...

    Thanks for your help
  2. Guest

    Analog has tons of A/Ds. Just about any speed/number of channels/
    resolution. For 12-14 bit at only 100ksps it's pretty hard to screw
    these days. I can't comment on price, but Analog has a bunch and
    Microchip has some easy to use SPI ones in that range. Analog has a
    wider variety in high channel count, just use their parametric search
    on their website to find what you're after. BB got bought out a while
    ago by TI, I know they still sell their amplifiers, not sure about A/

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