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A cool Unit converter.

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Grewal, Feb 14, 2007.

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  1. Grewal

    Grewal Guest

    Checkout this cool unit converter gadget with auto complete text box
    that I just submitted to Google. It understands input as mathematical
    expression involving any combination of units (i.e. m/s^2 to km/hour^2
    etc.) so virtually any custom unit conversion can be done in a user
    friendly text box.

    I will appreciate any feedback from the community.

    Gadget location on Google:

    Gadget location on my website is:


    The web site is still in kind of developing mode. I want to create a
    users supported website where units and the units related information
    can be added/deleted/edited by authorized users. As you would see, I
    have tried to tie any user input back to the given unit information
    page where more reference information (Wikipedia etc) can be found.
    (Note: not all the unit information pages have been populated with
    reference information yet!)
  2. GregS

    GregS Guest

    Funny, when I hear Unit, I think of the Unit program I was using in DOS many
    years ago. This was distributed by Minco.

  3. Jim Land

    Jim Land Guest


    A few suggestions for user-friendliness:
    1. allow plural of unit, e.g., "liter" or "liters"
    2. allow variations of unit, e.g., "cubic centimeters", "cc", "ml", in
    addition to "cm^3"
    2. format answer numbers with commas, e.g., 1,000,000 instead of 1000000
  4. Franc Zabkar

    Franc Zabkar Guest

    Type the following expressions into your Google search box:

    1 gallon to litres
    1 imperial gallon to litres
    1 imperial gallon to gallon
    1 cubits to hands
    1 usd in pound sterling
    1 usd in gbp
    1 us dollar in british pounds
    1 usd per gallon in euro per litre
    furlong per fortnight in cm/minute
    parsecs per year in kilometres/microsecond
    pound furlongs per fortnight squared in piconewtons
    speed of light in feet per nanosecond
    (speed of light)/(speed of sound)
    half a litre in teaspoons
    kilowatt second in btu
    gram times (speed of light squared) in gigawatt days

    - Franc Zabkar
  5. t.hoehler

    t.hoehler Guest

    LOL! I needed a good laugh!
  6. Grewal

    Grewal Guest

    Trust me, a lot many people other then you know that Google search box
    can be used as a unit converter. In addition, there are many other
    online tools available for the internet too. You appear to be a smart
    person who knows what they have put in for conversion and understands
    the output. Many like me, often get confused thinking if the
    conversion was infect what I intended to do; for example
    - Was conversion done using pound as weight or pound as a mass?
    - Did I really mean to use Canadian Gallon or U.K Gallon or imperial
    one, Btu international or Btu mean etc.?
    This is a small attempt to address these types of issues. Any
    conversion that you makes through this tool, provides you the
    definition of the unit being converted down to base SI units (See
    Conversion Type: ) and possibly a link to the reference information
    regarding the unit too! On the back end, I also want to create/
    maintain a database of units that can act as a good source of
    reference for the users. Any body who wants to contribute, can help
    populating the database!

    If the Google search box is sufficient to you, Good for you! I hope
    you made these comments after checking out the gadget!

  7. Grewal

    Grewal Guest

    Thanks for the input.

    1. Usually, the recommendation is not to use plurals (see rule # 6 . For certain common
    units like liter, I will add this.
    2. I will also add the other variations as long as it does not cause
    conflicts in the naming (Example min for minute Or for micro inch
    3. That is easy. I will get it done this weekend!
  8. Franc Zabkar

    Franc Zabkar Guest

    IME this Google feature is relatively unknown.

    As for your conversion utility, my very first observation is that it
    is US-centric.

    Try the following:

    30 metre to ft
    1 litre to pints

    The following produce syntax errors:

    1 tonne to pounds
    1 tonne in pounds

    These also produce errors:

    1 btu to kwh
    1 knot to mph

    With respect, I think your converter has a long way to go before it
    can even come close to the utility of Google's.

    - Franc Zabkar
  9. Grewal

    Grewal Guest

    As for your conversion utility, my very first observation is that it
    Thanks for your criticism, you sure brought up some good points. Even
    though I included English/imperial units in the program but I sure
    forgot to consider the different spellings used (So far I found only
    two, litre & metre!).

    As I mentioned in the beginning of this thread, the website is still
    in the developing mode. All I have done so far is to create a
    mechanism by which unit addition/deletion or editing can be done
    easily without doing any re-coding under the hood. Then I picked
    bunch of most commonly used units (including English) and put it on
    the web to see the response from the community. The idea behind this
    is that If I can a good number of users hooked up, the unit database
    will be populated itself to become a more comprehensive resource.

    Units can be added here

    Regarding your queries below, most of them didn't work as I didn't
    include the unit name plurals it (A user earlier in the thread has
    already suggested it). So I updated the program to understand the
    plurals for commonly used units (I don't want all the unit plurals to
    be included as they reduce the effectiveness of auto complete

    So all of following are now accepted by the program as good inputs.

    30 metre to ft
    1 litre to pints
    tonne to pounds
    1 knot to mph

    Following require some changes (auto complete feature helps rectifying
    1 tonne in pounds => use " to " instead of " in " as I have
    reserved " in " as unit name for inch. This is just a syntax
    preference that I picked.

    1 btu to kwh => use kWh instead. (W is the SI symbol for watt )
    I don't disagree with this! I don't put this up against Google (I
    would be daydreaming otherwise) that is jack of all trade. Google
    search box is a Calculator, currency converter, unit converter,
    Permutation /combination solver ......... .and what not!

    mine is just a simple converter created with an approach to simplify
    the conversion by instantly providing a reference to unit definition
    being used in conversion.

    Even queries that you provided above contain at least two units with
    more then one definition. You may know what you intended to solve but
    many out there don't! Those folks are what I am looking for as user
    base for this gadget.

    pint >> US dry pint, US liquid pint or Imperial pint ;
    pound >> pound troy or apothecary, or pound avoirdupois;

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