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A Challenge for the Repair Gurus

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Apr 16, 2007.

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  1. Guest

    Patient: Fisher 700T Solid-state US-made Receiver from the mid-60s.
    Source: Vintage Radio Swap-meet, Parsipanny, NJ
    Cost: $5 at the afterwards-auction
    Discovered Problem: Saturated with steel-wool shavings.
    Symptoms: Right channel distorted (I cleaned what I saw, but
    discovered that the shavings got as far as transistor sockets), and
    the FM goes in and out. When in, its fine.
    Weight: +/- 25 pounds. 30# boxed for shipment.

    For the cost of shipping, I will send it to the first taker. The
    deadline is Noon tomorrow, EDT. Shipping will be by FedEx ground or
    USPS Parcel Post, whichever is cheaper based on the weight. So use a
    calculator to your Zip-code from 19095.

    Yes, it has all its knobs. If no one wants it, I will flog the knobs
    and dump the rest. Life is too short to deal with this given the rest
    of the stuff in the queue.

    Thanks in advance.

    Peter Wieck
    Wyncote, PA
  2. Why would I recycle your mistake?
  3. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    It's a good reciever for someone with the time to deal with it. A few
    years ago when I had many fewer projects I'd have taken it on.
  4. Yes, me too but the steel wool shavings make me nervous ;>)
  5. Guest

    Um... no reason at all. But all-and-at-the-same-time... no reason to
    make such a post either.

    As to it being a mistake, when I realize the expected $30+ which is
    the going-rate for the knob-set, the $10 for the dial face, and
    perhaps find a new home for the transformer, that mistake will at
    least be covered in direct costs + some.

    The point being that someone may want that receiver intact. So I made
    the offer. If it offends you, sue me.

    Peter Wiekc
    Wyncote, PA
  6. Giant magnet from Acme?
  7. Mike Berger

    Mike Berger Guest

    Steel wool shavings -- or zinc coming off the components and
    plating? Zinc migration is a real problem in some of that
  8. No offense. Good deal on the knobs and dial face!
  9. Guest

    Magnetic... steel wool. Anyway, no zinc, lots-O-cadmium. There are
    remedies for that which are far easier to apply than to the steel

    Peter Wieck
    Wyncote, PA
  10. .....

    ..... Guest

    You still have this ? if so i might be interested ... let me know .. post
    back please
  11. Guest

    Long gone. And at 14 X first cost. Sorry.
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