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a bout television

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by sp, Aug 7, 2007.

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  1. sp

    sp Guest

    we donnot see the tv in dark rooms.
    because it will effect the eyes
    but in theaters why they are seeing the dark rooms
  2. And the effect is the illusion of scenes from elsewhere. I
    like to watch TV in the dark, though it does strain the eyes
    a bit.
    The only way a white screen can produce the illusion of
    black is if it is displayed in darkness. A television
    screen lit by room light is much darker than a movie screen
    lit at the same level. The TV CRT glass is intentionally
    tinted to achieve this effect, even though it wastes some of
    the brightness. Having a tinted screen allows the TV to
    reproduce the darker parts of the image in reasonable room
    light. A movie screen cannot do the same, because its
    operation relies on reflection, not an internal light

    If they were to increase projected light so that the bright
    parts of the image contracted your pupils enough that the
    parts of the screen, lit by normal room illumination, looked
    dark by comparison, they would melt the film. Remember
    that all the light seen by the entire audience, watching
    that large screen, first passed through a postage stamp
    sized frame of film, with a brightness rivaling the Sun.
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