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A Bouquet for Microsoft

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Kissing Lettuce, Aug 9, 2005.

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  1. I've nearly fixed my PC . yay

    Big thankyou to everyone who replied regarding the audio
    problem with the 2 second echo on music cds. Problem is
    it's a Windows bug and moreso if your registry gets corrupted
    for some really obscure reason

    Now I can't do a clean install as I no longer have my Win98
    CD so I took a trip to the Dark Side.......

    I phoned Microsoft and explained my situation. They asked if
    I had the original certificate of authenticity from Win98.
    I explained that when I lost the CD that had gotten lost too.
    The only thing I have from my original purchase is the user manual.

    So they asked if I could scan the front and back cover of my
    Windows XP Home CD folder and I did that sending that to their
    orders section as an email. Originally they had asked if I had
    a certificate from the XP packaging but I said that the box was
    long gone and it never had one of those stuck on it but only
    a sticker saying it was assembled in Singapore....

    Anyway to cut a long story short they are sending me another
    Windows XP Home CD but not the same version I have the full
    version CD. OMG and for only $41.50 inclusive of postage....

    Seems my computer shop ripped me off on the OEM version by $100
    but I'm not complaining as I did want it but geez I wish I had
    known Microsoft would be quite understanding......
  2. Derry Air

    Derry Air Guest

    You couldn't just logon to your computer and use Keyfinder to tell you your
    registration number?

  3. And your point is?????????

    I can do all that but it's still going to ask for a previous version CD
    at the start of the install.
  4. or Belarc?
  5. Moses Lim

    Moses Lim Guest

    Yay to you too.
    Lemme get this straight. You paid $41.50 for an O/S (inclusive of postage)
    when you could have got one which works a damned sight better for free?
    Methinks you have paid too much :)
    Don't blame your computer shop for ripping you off cos he got ripped off
    himself!! :)
  6. And Now the part where I kick myself..........

    I just did the reinstall today with my existing XP CD.......

    Here are a few things that happened that I did not expect to happen

    When the installation started I was given the option to either repair the
    existing setup or do a fresh installation. OK Here is where I thought it
    might want my old CD...

    So I let it continue and it then asked which partition I wanted Windows
    to go on. I then said to use the existing drive. So it begins to reformat the
    drive and do a clean install and I never got asked at all to show it any previous
    version of Windows...

    I'd love to know how it skipped that step. Not game to reproduce this just
    in case it does actually **** up and ask for the old windows disk as it's now
    stable and running.

    The new CD they sent is indeed a full version including the dreaded SP2.....

    It also has as part of the etched hologram "Not for retail. Not for OEM"
  7. Moses Lim wrote:

    < snip >

    Quite true. One must wonder what the 'actual' price of such software
    would be without the huge markup?

  8. It would be astronomical.

    It amuses me sometimes that in spite of the constant complaints by
    Microsoft and others about the "huge rates of software pi racy and the
    10's of billions a year that it costs them in lost sales/profits",
    Mr. Gates still has became the world's richest man. (or pretty close
    to it).
  9. Derry Air

    Derry Air Guest

    It only happens when the drive cant be read or there is no Windows to be

  10. Thanks for that

    So it read the old stuff off the drive before reformatting I take it??
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