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a 4.5V 1A adapter for a 4.5V 600mA device ?

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Tim923, Oct 4, 2004.

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  1. Tim923

    Tim923 Guest

    Radio Shack sells 4.5V 1A car DC adapters. My CD player takes 4.5V
    600mA DC. I'm pretty sure it is only necessary to match the voltage,
    but this is an expensive CD player so I want to be very sure. Is it
    safe? I'm a novice, so please no insults. (profile) --Tim923 My email is valid.
  2. Your only risk is that a much below rated load current will allow the
    voltage to rise above rated. This is a problem for unregulated
    adapters, which many are. I doubt that a little extra voltage will
    cause a problem (say, less than a volt) but you can't measure that
    without actually powering the unit at least briefly.
    You could test the supply with a light load (say, half of the player
    rated current, with a resistive load) to get some idea what voltage
    rise you are risking.
  3. Tim923

    Tim923 Guest

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