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$99 XMOS Dev kit

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Leon, Sep 30, 2008.

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  1. Leon

    Leon Guest

    XMOS has just announced a $99 dev kit for their XC-1 device. I've put
    my name down for one:

    I used to work with transputers, it's nice to see that the concept has
    been resurrected.

  2. James Harris

    James Harris Guest

    Thanks for posting this. I may try then out too time permitting.

    The original concept was awesome. Hope David May et al have the
    business model right this time. For one thing the new devices seem far
    more accessible. A four-core CPU, development board and software for
    $99 is a good price.

    I have read some of the documentation. The new device looks similar to
    the old one but there are some intriguing differences.

    Did you not want to post on comp.sys.transputer?
  3. This time, they seem to offer free development enviroment and core
    seems to me more main-stream like, which ease fast learning.

    (Also I guess a lot of people will struggle with the threading :)

    I'm keen on to port my company's RTOS :)
    Yes, no negative addressess (AFAICS).
  4. Leon

    Leon Guest

    You have to buy the tools, but you can use them on-line for free. I've
    tried the system and it works fairly well. They are working on an open
    source set of tools.

    I've booked for the London seminar next month, participants get a dev
    kit. I might as well get the other one I've reserved, as well. They
    are good value.

    I have a contact at XMOS, he told me yesterday that they already have
    some design wins, even though the chip isn't in full production yet.
    It's a very friendly company, like Inmos used to be.

  5. Leon

    Leon Guest

    They are having lots of problems with their web site. I was able to
    register OK with Firefox, but didn't get my password, although the
    message said it was being sent. I used their Support facility, and
    they emailed the password manually to me.

    They now have schematics and design files for the XC-1 board


  6. Leon

    Leon Guest

    I just had an email from my contact at XMOS and mentioned your

  7. Leon

    Leon Guest

    I've just seen on the Xlinkers forum that they will start shipping the
    XC-1 kits next week. The forum isn't very active yet, but it's worth

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