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8mm camcorder , No Playback

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by AtomicTom, Sep 9, 2008.

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  1. AtomicTom

    AtomicTom Guest

    I was using my Sony DSC-TVR520 at the ocean, and I got a moisture
    error message. Troubleshooting told me to let it stand and dryout for
    and hour. I opened the tape bay to take out the tape and it was stuck
    to the head. I pulled on the tape and it came out with difficulty.
    That tape was streched, but I was able to rewind it. I put in a new
    tape and started to record on it and everything worked until I tried
    to playback what I just recorded. No play back. I tried playback on
    previuouly recorded tapes, and still no playback. All I get is a blue
    screen while playback.
  2. AtomicTom

    AtomicTom Guest

    I was in the process of following your advice. I only took off the
    cover to the loading tray and slipped in a tape and the camera
    started to playback. My only guess was that the camera was still wet
    from the moisture warning. The moisture warning must have stopped
    prematurely. I proceded to clean the heads as you recommended. Thanks
    for the advice.
    The only problem that remains from the episode is that one of the
    tapes I used during the time the camera became wet appears to have
    been erased in the middle. The first 5 minutes of the tape are fine
    and then I get a gray snowy picture (unlike the deep blue of a blank
    My next question to you is (being digital) can the missing section of
    thetape be recovered. Ther was some memorable footage on that lost
    segment. I know there was subject matteron the pate because I had
    already viewed it.
    thanks again for the advice.
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