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75 Ohm type "N" connector compatibility?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Don Lancaster, Jul 14, 2007.

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  1. We have a bunch of these rare but superb panel mount items in stock and
    the question came up "Are they compatible with standard 50 Ohm type "N"

    Actual mismatch on a connector should not be that big a deal except for
    the most critical of highest frequencies. Because the disruption
    distance is so short.

    But will the cable physically fit?

    Many thanks,

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  2. Not if they meet specs.

    A 50 Ohm male into a 75 Ohm female can damage the center contact on
    the female connector.
    A 75 Ohm male into a 50 Ohm female may not make good contact, because
    of the smaller pin.

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  3. Tim Shoppa

    Tim Shoppa Guest

    But most applications using a N are using it because they needed a
    true constant-impedance connector. Typically GHz range stuff, or test
    instruments that are designed to measure impedance bumps.
    What cable? I look in the abbreviated Amphenol listings and there are
    twelve different N plugs for twelve different series of cable.

    You are not going to fit RG-213 into the hole for RG-59! But RG-58
    would fit not so bad especially if you didn't mind some slop and a
    crappy crimp.

    IMHO if you're going to be selling these to hobbyists, you either have
    to identify the cable that's a close or exact fit, or sell it along
    with the cable that's an exact or close fit. There is a market - hams
    and hobbyists etc. who want to use cheap surplus 75 ohm CATV cable
    (even stuff like hardline) actually want the matching 75 ohm
    connectors. But you're going to have to make it perfectly clear what
    the cable compatibility is.

  4. Tim Shoppa

    Tim Shoppa Guest

    Don -
    If you see my earlier message, ignore it, because I thought you were
    talking about males to put on cables.

    A 52 ohm plug will superficially fit in a 75 ohm jack but the center
    contact will be damaged.

    But you're ignoring a very real (but small) market: UHF Hams and
    spread-spectrum hobbyists with lots of 75 ohm surplus CATV cable
    available who want to design equipment and antennas for 75 ohm stuff
    with all the matching cables connectors etc. If you can identify
    matching 75 ohm plugs that fit cheap cable and point out the
    compatibility, I think you have a market.

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