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74LS73A (flip-flop)

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by caine, Mar 19, 2007.

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  1. caine

    caine Guest

    I'm doing a IC tester and it is able to only input high and low
    voltages to the Input pin of the IC. What input should i set for the
    CLK input pin of 74 series IC such as 74LS73A (flip-flop)?
    The datasheet for the 74LS73A (flip-flop) is accessible from
  2. That datasheet is for a 74LS95B. Change the part number at the end to
    74LS73 to get the 74LS73 datasheet.

    The '73 is a negative edge triggered device. Initially set the clock
    high, then change it to low, and the output should switch to match the
    D input. Change the D input, then set the clock up and down again to
    see the output change again.

    The 74LS73 data sheet has a very nice truth table that illustrates how
    the part works.

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  3. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    must be careful with the part number..
    if it has an "A" or the LS73A for example,. it's a Negative Edge
    trigger and the Q's will reflect the JK inputs on the falling
    edge of the clk otherwise, if i'm reading the DOC's correct for the
    NON "A" version. The Q's will reflect the JK input while the CLK is
    held high. The Q's will toggle if both JK are on at the same time,
    and putting them to both OFF and on again will toggle the Q's.
    When the clk finally drops, it will then latch onto the last value.

    at least that is the why i understand it, it's been a while since
    i played with logic from a chip, i do it mostly in uC these days.
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