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74HC573 Logic?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by DaveC, Jul 10, 2003.

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  1. DaveC

    DaveC Guest

    Hello, just would like to check with you lot, what should be a simple logic
    problem. Sorry if this is a little long I just trying to be sure I have got

    I'm trying to create a latched byte wide bi-directional port. I have two
    MM74HC573's . I'll call them A and B. I have a 8 bit data bus broken by
    these two chips. The outputs of A are connected to the inputs of B and
    v.versa. I have two control lines Write (W) and Read (R).

    Write is connected directly to A's Latch Enable, so when I do a write I set
    W high and lower it when I'm done latching the bits and driving the line.

    Read is connected to directly to B's LE and then to B's OE via a logic
    inverter. Read is also connected directly to A's OE.... So when I need to
    read the port I aet R high disabeling the output on A so I dont simply read
    the last Write value and enable the normaly disabled B. When R is returned
    low no latching will take place because OE is disabled via inverter and
    Chip A will resume output state of the last latch write value.

    Where is some of my wonderfull art.. I hope it shows what I was just

    | |
    | |
    -------------| A |----------------
    << Data >>>> | D Q | >> data <<>>
    ---- |-----| |------| ------
    | | | __| | |
    W ---| |-----|LE OE|---- | |
    | | |-----------| | | |
    | | __________________| | |
    | | | | |
    | | | |-----------| | |
    | | | | | | |
    | | | | | | |
    | ------| B |------/ |
    | <<<< | D Q | << data |
    ----------| |----------|
    | | __|
    R ----------o--|LE OE|----
    | |-----------| |
    | |

    This all seems fine to me, but I'm worried about propagation delays.
    Inparticular when I Rise Read and A has data latched it seemed like short
    somthing or get data from the A into B since Max output disable time is
    23ns and LE is 15ns.

    Thanks for your time.

  2. Mario Trams

    Mario Trams Guest

    Hi Dave,

    DaveC wrote:

    D and Q at B are interchanged, right?
    Indeed, there might be some bus contention. But that can be
    neglected very likely. When you rise Read, B might latch the
    value driven by A for a moment. However, B is a latch and as long
    as LE is 1, it will forward the input.
    But the actual contention depends on what is attached to the busses.
    In a (very) clean design - such as PCI - potential contentions
    are avoided by introducing turn-around cycles where nobody is
    driving the bus.

    Anyways, I do not see the need for latches in your design.
    Actually you make no use of them.
    A simple 74xx245 transceiver would be sufficient, wouldn't it?
    Or did I miss something?


    Digital Force / Mario Trams

    Chemnitz University of Technology
    Dept. of Computer Science Tel.: (+49) 371 531 1660
    Chair of Computer Architecture Fax.: (+49) 371 531 1818
  3. DaveC

    DaveC Guest

    Thanks Mario.

    I'm putting together a port expander for PIC MCU's.. or just any MCU. So
    the design bellow is is one half of a 16 bit data bus. I will also have a
    16 bit address bus and 16 more control lines & Interupt support.

    I need to latch the values only when I write info to the bus to interact
    with ISA cards 512k sram, compact flash cards, you name it.


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