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74688 vs 74684

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by [email protected], Mar 23, 2005.

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  1. Guest

    I have been looking for a 74688 for my project (elektor Logic Analyzer)
    But have not been able to find any who sells it anymore.

    The 74684 is though easily obtainable. The pinout-differens is that of
    pin one on the 688 has an Enable-input (which is connected to ground
    for enabeling for ever in this project) and the same pin one on the 684
    has an output of no interest for me. Otherwise they look the same - but
    will they really perform the same way?

    I have bought a 684 but then again I get nervouse. Huuuhh. The
    datasheets can be found (among many other places) on

    Could somebody with more experiens than me please comment. I would then
    be able to loose that Huuuhh-feeling.
    Happy easter hollydays!
  2. Andrew Holme

    Andrew Holme Guest

    Yes, they're otherwise functionally identical. Compare the internal
    schematics. This datasheet covers both:

    Just don't gound pin 1 :)
  3. Guest

    My deepest respect to Mr Andrew. All of my Huuhhh are now gone far
    away. I'm happy again. :eek:)
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