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7 segment displays ?

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by sunny, Sep 1, 2003.

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  1. sunny

    sunny Guest

    Browsing the eagle library I have come across some displays which,
    it seems, are 7 segment led display that take binary as an input. Is
    this possible, are there such devices ? I always thought that the
    displays themselves are very dumb and have pins for the individual
  2. Of course it's possible. How do you think the binary in a digital counter
    is displayed? It is typically binary coded decimal, or if you use straight
    binary, then a hex code variety. But the displays can be dumb or smart, your


    Chip Shults
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  3. Most do, but there have been (and are) displays made that have the
    decoding chip built in. HP used to make these (don't know if they still
    do), and I've seen them used in several of their instruments including
    the 8640 series RF signal generator.
  4. Allen Bong

    Allen Bong Guest

    The HP part number is 5082-7340 and the TI also have a part TIL-311 which
    have a latch/decoder/driver built in. The datsheet is available at

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