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7 Segment Display Using Xilinx XC95108 CPLD Board

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by [email protected], Apr 19, 2007.

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  1. Guest

    Im working on a project and I need some help so if you have any
    experience in this subject matter i dont mind that you speak your mind
    with your ideas. I greatly appreciate it.

    7 Segment Display Using Xilinx XC95108 CPLD Board

    As shown in the class, a CPLD board used in our laboratory has been
    used to display a counter output. This project is asking you to use
    your knowledge in the ELEN 327 course and the experience you
    accumulated in ELEN 328 to design a circuit, which is able to drive
    the display on the Xilinx XC95108 CPLD board and show the exact

    Things that concerned:

    1. Design a counter that counts the cycle of even decimal numbers
    only, starting from 0, 2, 4, ... to 20 and restarts from 0 again. You
    can use any kind of flip-flop circuits, such as D-type, T-type, or JK
    2. Design a decoder, which decodes the output of a binary counter, and
    translate it into a seven segment driver. Since the counter starts
    from 0, ends at 20 and starts from 0 again, you need two 7-segment
    display to show it. The actual pin connection information about these
    two 7-segment display is at the end of your laboratory book.
    3. Clock divider, which uses the high-speed crystal oscillator as the
    source. The frequency of the crystal oscillator on our CPLD board is
    4 MHz. You need to reduce this frequency in order for our eyes to
    identify the counter output. You can also call this clock divider as
    a speed controller. If you adjust the speed right, this display can
    be a normal wall clock.

    The block diagram of this design is shown below:

    Crystal Oscillator------->Clock Divider------>Even Counter--------
  2. Dave Pollum

    Dave Pollum Guest

    It looks like you have all of the specs for the project. A XC95108
    CPLD is certainly large enough for the project. Xilinx's WebPack ISE
    will allow you to enter your design as 1) a schematic, 2)VHDL HDL, and
    3) Verilog HDL. There are examples of counters and 7-seg display
    drivers all over the 'net. So, get going!

    -Dave Pollum
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