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7 Segment Display Using Xilinx XC95108 CPLD Board

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by [email protected], Apr 19, 2007.

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  1. Guest

    Im working on a lil project and i need some help with it so if you
    have any ideas im open to all of them. I greatly appreciate it.

    7 Segment Display Using Xilinx XC95108 CPLD Board

    As shown in the class, a CPLD board used in our laboratory has been
    used to display a counter output. This project is asking you to use
    your knowledge in the ELEN 327 course and the experience you
    accumulated in ELEN 328 to design a circuit, which is able to drive
    the display on the Xilinx XC95108 CPLD board and show the exact

    Things that concerned:

    1. Design a counter that counts the cycle of even decimal numbers
    only, starting from 0, 2, 4, ... to 20 and restarts from 0 again. You
    can use any kind of flip-flop circuits, such as D-type, T-type, or JK
    2. Design a decoder, which decodes the output of a binary counter, and
    translate it into a seven segment driver. Since the counter starts
    from 0, ends at 20 and starts from 0 again, you need two 7-segment
    display to show it. The actual pin connection information about these
    two 7-segment display is at the end of your laboratory book.
    3. Clock divider, which uses the high-speed crystal oscillator as the
    source. The frequency of the crystal oscillator on our CPLD board is
    4 MHz. You need to reduce this frequency in order for our eyes to
    identify the counter output. You can also call this clock divider as
    a speed controller. If you adjust the speed right, this display can
    be a normal wall clock.

    The block diagram of this design is shown below:
    Crystal Oscillator ------->Clock Divider--------->Even Counter---------
  2. linnix

    linnix Guest

    lil - Laughing Inexplicably Loud?
    When I was in College LLT ago, I did projects for girl friends. Try
    looking for smarter friends in your class.
  3. Donald

    Donald Guest

    What school is this ??

    Oh, wait I found it:

    Maybe one of these people can help you:

    Sharlene Coleman Graduate Program Assistant McNair 549
    David Eubanks Lab Technician Cherry 216A
    Janice Fisher NASA Ace Program Assistant McNair 547
    Anita Huff Graduate Program Manager McNair 318
    Lenora Kirby Administrative Assistant McNair 549
    Audrey Ling Retention Coordinator McNair 545
    Ali Osaraeh Cherry 306D
    Trevor Taylor Undergraduate Program Assistant McNair 551

    Good Luck, your going to need it.

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