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602nm led

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by RHRRC, Apr 30, 2007.

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  1. RHRRC

    RHRRC Guest

    I am looking for a source (manufacturere) of 602 nm (600min, 605 max)
    through hole 3 or 5mm leds.
    Any help greatly appreciated
  2. Boxman

    Boxman Guest

    Don't know of any that fall directly in that range, but I have a
    cataolog from SunLED ( on my desk that lists some 5
    mm LEDs at 590 nm and 607 nm for peak wavelength. There is probably
    some shift upward in that peak wavelength as the device heats up, so
    perhaps the 590 running at a specific temperature would go into the
    range you are looking for. Short of that, you could put a bandpass
    filter on the 607 nm LED and probably still have some power left in
    the range you are looking for.
  3. These guys aren't cheap, but they carry almost every LED
    type in production.
  4. vasile

    vasile Guest

    AFIK a LED in standard technology manufacturing (not laser) has a
    bandwith of about 10 to 20nm. So will be no practicall difference
    between 600 or 605 nm as long the Spectral Line Full Width is around
    5-10nm (could be even more) and difference between Wavelength of Peak
    Emission and Wavelength of Dominant Emission is always greater than
    2...5nm. Why do you care if it's 600 or 605 nm ?

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