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600-ohm to 600-ohm line transformer

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by riviera321, Jan 31, 2005.

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  1. riviera321

    riviera321 Guest

    I saw this type of transformer, but I could not find it anywhere,
    nobody now what is it ?

    What type of transformer is it ? How many spire do they have, which
    voltage ???

    Any information will be appreciate.


  2. These are usually used with telephone lines.

  3. Guest

    As has been pointed out, they are 1:1 transformers used for isolation.

    There's nothing magic about "600 ohm to 600 ohm".

    Get two identical audio transformers. Connect both secondary windings,
    or both primary windings, together. The two remainding windings, one
    one each transformer, are your new in/out windings.
  4. Dbowey

    Dbowey Guest

    dmb... posted, in part:
    << As has been pointed out, they are 1:1 transformers used for isolation. >>

    Where was that posted by the OP? Line transformers often have functions beyond

  5. Guest

    Michael Black Jan 31, 6:19 pm show options

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    You asked this already, don't expect email when posting to a­

    They are audio transformers, for applications where isolatio­n is
    but not voltage step up or step down is needed.
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