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6 yr old GE Profile Spacemaker microwave oven, no microwaves

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Sep 24, 2013.

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  1. Guest


    We have a 6 year-old GE Spacemaker microwave that has stopped microwaving. The fan, lights, turntable, etc all still work - just no microwaves.

    a) Is this worth repairing or is replacing the only good option?

    b) What would the cost of the tube be, and is this a repair that can be done DIY? I know there's a big capacitor in there I have to watch out for, but other than that?

  2. it's probably quite fixable if you just want the satisfaction of fixing it

    Not that they're a replacement for what you need, but I recently saw $39
    microwave ovens at Menards. I'm not sure how anybody makes money off
    something like that.
  3. No picture, no sound? Check the faq,

  4. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    ** Hi Mark,

    do you look like Alfred E. Neuman - by any chance ??

    ..... Phil
  5. cLx

    cLx Guest

    Check the high voltage fuse ? Mine got that problem, replaced it with
    the same fuse from eBay, and now it's working.

    (Be sure to discharge the capacitor is discharged ?)
  6. fuse?

    do you mean high voltage rectifier- the black thing with two leads?
  7. Guest

    Imagine a typical 500 watt oven pumping 2400MHZ CW into a directional antenna and aiming it at your food, or your neighbor for that matter. Lenny
  8. Legend has it the concept of cooking with microwaves came when someone was
    working on a microwave dish with power going to it, and the chocolate bar
    iin his pocket melted, showing the value of microwave for heating things.

    The legend never says how much power was going into that dish.

    Remember though that power drops off significantly with distance. You
    need high power to bounce a signal off the moon because by the time it
    hits the moon, the power is miniscule, and made even tinier by the return
    trip. Benig right next to a high power transmitter can be a bother,
    ifnothing else it may overload your receivers and audio amplifiers may
    start rectifying the signal so they act as "crystal" radios, but not that
    far away, the signal has diminished by quite a bit. The fuss over
    cellphones is because the power is really clsoe to your brain, even if it
    was kept on the belt and operated remotely, the power would be
    significantly less.

  9. Leif Neland

    Leif Neland Guest

    Michael Black forklarede:
    Instead of having a cellphone tower near the school, people want it far
    away. Therefore the phones of 1000 kids have to "shout louder" to reach
    the tower.

    Is that the right choice?

  10. cLx

    cLx Guest

  11. At least one of the ham magazines had an article like that, maybe as much
    as 20 years ago. Of course, they locked it to a frequency standard
    thtough some method.

  12. but what for?

    If anything goes horribly wrong in a microwave oven, those slow acting
    fuses on the mains sure do seem to work ok.
  13. T. Keating

    T. Keating Guest

    Check the safety interlock (door) switches.. You'll probably find one that's partially
    melted.. (Which is typical time/use failure, since many uWave designs often run >10+ AC
    amps thru these little micro switches).

    When these safety switches fail it often produces symptoms exactly like what you are
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