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6 ghz probe

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by John Larkin, Sep 24, 2004.

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  1. John Larkin

    John Larkin Guest

  2. Mike Monett

    Mike Monett Guest

    Thanks, John,

    I referred to the 9 GHz Tek P6150 and the 6 GHz HP 54006A in a post,
    and commented on the US$2,280 price for the HP probe.

    You added a comment about using Caddock resistors:
    However, we have gone way past the old HP and Tek probes, and are now
    talking about reaching 18GHz with the Cascade Microtech and 26GHz with
    the GGB Picoprobe.

    I did receive a reply to my query on the Cascade Microtech probe:

    Price and Delivery:

    FPM-10X 10x dc - 18 GHz 500 ohms 0.03 pF <30 ps Price $2420 each
    FPM-20X 20x dc - 18 GHz 1000 ohms 0.02 pF <30 ps Price $2420 each
    FPM-100X 100x dc - 18 GHz 5000 ohms 0.02 pF <30 ps Price $2970 each

    Delivery: 3 weeks

    Here are answers to some additional questions:

    1. Do you have SPICE models for these probes?

    A. See attached for additional information regarding FPM
    electrical behavior.

    2. Where do you get resistors with such low stray capacity?

    A. No comment

    3. Does the low capacity also mean they have very low power
    dissipation capability?

    A. Yes

    4. How much power can they dissipate?

    A. Enough to meet the voltage ratings in the data sheet (10v)

    As you can see, the replies are somewhat limited. The answer to
    question #2 about the resistor stray capacity is interesting. Since
    I was unable to find any patents that discussed this for either
    Cascade Microtech or GBB, this leads me to believe the technique is
    well known and probably documented in some article, such as IEEE

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