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6.3mm jack plug - new fault

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Phil Allison, Mar 30, 2013.

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  1. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest


    after some 40 years experience with guitar amps and accessories I figured I
    had seen every kind of fault possible with a 1/4 inch jack to jack lead. But
    I have now seen one more.

    A high quality, hand made lead using Neutrik gold flashed plugs and Canare
    low noise guitar cable came my way with a request to re-terminate one end,
    as it was " faulty ".

    Of course it checked out fine with an ohm meter and continuity buzzer, no
    matter what I did to the lead. Internal inspection of each plug end showed
    it was fine too.

    Then I spotted something, the tips of both plugs looked rough and dirty -
    just the outer edges mind you. Under magnification, it was obvious both were
    gouged all around and had material embedded in the crevices. The gold
    plating had gone too.

    Knowing that some jack sockets contact the tip right on its edge, it had to
    be cause of the problem the owner was on about.

    WTF was the cause ?

    The owner regularly busks, performing on concrete and tared footpaths.

    If you drag a guitar lead across a surface, the EDGE of the tip is the
    contact point.

    Don't matter a hoot with smooth surfaces or carpet.

    .... Phil
  2. Guest

    Wow Visual inspections are still important in this day and
  3. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    "Phil Allison"
    Wow Visual inspections are still important in this day and

    ** You think this is some kind of smart observation ??

    The damage was not visible ( until magnified ) nor in a place that one would
    normally expect to correlate with the fault complaint.

    Your asinine comment relies purely on hindsight.

    .... Phil
  4. Geoff

    Geoff Guest

    Is the metal surface embedded with bits of silica, like little
    pyramids, causing it to be an insulator?
  5. John-Del

    John-Del Guest

    On Friday, March 29, 2013 11:28:11 PM UTC-4, Phil Allison wrote:

    Hmmm... Bad contacts causing problems causing, well, contact problems. You're a freaking genius Phil. Only you and every first year tech student would have found that one! BTW, the next time your battery operated French tickler doesn't work, check for battery corrosion...
  6. amdx

    amdx Guest

    HEY! Straighten up people. Do onto others as they do onto you.
    Or something like that.
    Mikek :)
  7. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest


    ** More like pieces of black gunk here and there, scraped from any soft

    The owner admitted the lead was only occasionally intermittent, at the
    guitar end.

    .... Phil
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