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5 Volt Supply

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by slhawks, Apr 23, 2005.

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  1. slhawks

    slhawks Guest

    I am building a radio control remote for a camera requiring a 5Volt 13 m/a

    and using 4 x AAA

    Are any smaller batteries available to keep the size and weight down

    Any Help appreciated

    Many Thanks
  2. Tom Biasi

    Tom Biasi Guest

    You could use button cells.
  3. slhawks

    slhawks Guest

    I should have said 4 x AAA rechagable Nimhs
  4. mike

    mike Guest

    Ok, then use rechargeable button cells...
    but seriously...
    Lithium is the way to go for light. If you can make the system go on
    4V, you may get by with one lithium cell.

    If you've got a radio receiver, why not just steal power from that?

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  5. I bought 50 LR-44 button cells (alkalines) on Ebay for about $6
    including shipping. They came packed in tear-off blister packs. These
    are the ones used for laser pointers and LED flashlights. They will
    handle 13 mA for a few hours. But they're only a dime apiece so you
    just throw them away and put a few more in. Four of them will give you
    about 6V, so you can put a 1N4002 rectifier diode in series with one
    lead to drop about .8V to give about 5 or so volts.
  6. slhawks

    slhawks Guest

    With the lower the volts and m/a the longer life I am trying to compromise

    between this and working range

    Many thanks for your help

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