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5-terminal Capacitor

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by Christopher Pikula, Nov 29, 2005.

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  1. Heya.
    I have rescued an older capacitor from a Mobo, of undeterminant
    origins, and I discovered it (or I should say they) have 5 leads. a
    -. 1, 2, 3, 4. I've tried looking it up on the net, but I've had no
    luck. Maybe someone here can help me?

    Wordage on Cap:
    680uFan1 +20/-20%
    -40 . . . +85*C
    DIN 41268

    I've got it to hold a charge across the 1 --> - leads, but other than
    that, it's not giving me any hints. Its fairly big, with a 2cm Radius
    and a 7cm height, which leads me to believe that there is more than one
    capacitor in there, but hey, if I knew, would I be asking you guys?
  2. Tilmann Reh

    Tilmann Reh Guest

    This can was (or is?) a sort of standard package for large
    electrolytics. Due to its weight, it has additional pins to be soldered
    into the PCB. There were types with multiple capacities in one can,
    however this obviously has only one:

    680µF an 1 (german; it means 680µF at terminal 1 - against the common
    negative electrode).

    The other three terminals surely are not connected internally.
  3. It is or was a standard Euro package, made by Philips/BD Components and BHC in
    the UK as well.

    If you find the relevant Philips data sheet, it will apply to the Siemens cap as

    I'll have a look in our data books at the factory later.

  4. Prepair Ltd

    Prepair Ltd Guest

    If it is the equivalent, the Philips/BC part is:

    2222 053 58681

    PCB grid is in the form of four pins as a star with pin 5 off on its

    If you look at RS part number 107-870 as a means of getting up the
    catalogue page, there is a set of pinouts at the bottom of that page.


  5. Guest

    Well, that clears all that up.
    Thanks guys!
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