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5.8GHz cordless phones "safe" for human use?

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by RB, Feb 12, 2004.

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  1. RB

    RB Guest

    Is there any scientific or otherwise "official" or "semi-official"
    information to conjecture that this is going "too high" on the
    frequency band for human use?
  2. Quark Ng

    Quark Ng Guest

    I believe that it may be safer than the 2.4 GHz phones. Your
    microwave oven works at 2GHZ because that is the best frequency to
    heat up water - your head is full of water.

    So at 5GHz, you are much higher than the (resonance?) frequency of
    water molecules. Does this make it safer? According to my ignorant
    knowledge - yes.

    But for better safty, use digital phones. Analog phones tend to be
    designed to have higher transmit power - more energy to cook your

  3. These cordless phones, including cell phones are at very low power in
    relation to the power requirement to have any dangerous effect.

    I and my family have been using cell phones since they have been on
    the market. This is since about 1985 or so. We use a lot of time on
    these for our business, and personal use.

    The possible dangers with these phones is very contraversal, and this
    seems to be an on going argument.

    If you want to be critical, the older analog cordless phones required
    even more power, thus if anything, these would be the ones to avoid

    Jerry Greenberg
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