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4pin to 4pin firewire - cut off heads and attached to a 6pin firewire - problems?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by David D, Jul 25, 2007.

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  1. David D

    David D Guest

    I had a cheap 4pin to 6pin firewire cable. After some cutting, I
    accidently cut into one of the 4 pins (that goes to the camera). I
    had another cheap 4pin to 4pin cable. So I cut the heads off that and
    wanted to splice the head to the 6pin fire wire cable (remember the
    other 4pin to 6pin cable, the 4pin head I screwed up on). So is this
    going to be a problem? It is just Black, Red, Green and White for
    both cables. The only difference I saw was copper wire on the 6pin to
    4pin cable and silver wire on the 4pin to 4pin cable. Any ideas or
    problems with it? I don't want to hook it all up to my computer and
    short out my computer or the camera...

    The 4pin that I cut was to expose more of the 4pins that connect to
    the camera. I believe that I have bent the pins on my camera and want
    to get in farther with the 4pin cable to see if there really is a
    connection working...

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