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48 volts into 240v appliance

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by ray!, Feb 7, 2004.

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  1. ray!

    ray! Guest

    I wish to shed some 48 volts DC power
    If I just direct it to a standard 240 volt AC fire
    what happens?

  3. ray!

    ray! Guest

    thanks sorry yes I am talking UK here
    the sort of electric heater I have in mind uses a long coiled element
    rather than a heater with a motor and fan which we call a fan heater over

    I am not particularly wanting to get a heater that works very well,
    I just want a simple way of losing the spare energy,
    without having to buy a 48volt appliance


  4. Guest

    You won't hurt the fire, if it is simply the
    long coiled element (no fan or electronics
    or timer etc.) - but you will hurt the battery,
    if that is the source, unless you monitor the
    discharge and stop it before taking too much
    out. Discharging a battery too deeply can
    damage it. If indeed it is a battery you want
    to discharge, I would suggest you incorporate
    an automatic shut off circuit in the discharge
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