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45-degree diagonal cutters?

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by DaveC, Feb 10, 2010.

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  1. I must admit. The Proteus retard finally got ONE thing right. They
    are sucking each other's dicks at every turn. Pretty pathetic, they are,
    actually. Bwuahahahahahahahahahahaaha!

    Even the group troll knows what you two retarded fucks are about!
  2. krw

    krw Guest

    ....and we all know you've been sucking Roy's dick for a year.
    DimBulb and Roy, sounds like a real professional team! Don't let the
    pussy bite, DimBulb.
  3. krw

    krw Guest

    Calling your ass, again DimBulb?
    More of your queer fantasies about me, AlwaysWrong? I told you,
    you're *NOT* my type.
    Oh, such threats! What a _little_ fag-boy you are, Dimmie.
    They're coming to take you away...
    Those nice men in their clean white suits...
    They're coming to take you away...

  4. When I come to *visit* your corpse, I'll be sure to wear a white lab
    coat, boy.
  5. Ban

    Ban Guest

    Robert de Niro takes the law into his own hands and shoots pimps and a
    black, must have the sympathy of many here.
    ciao Ban
  6. Using the phrase "a black" makes you just as bad, dumbfucktard.
  7. Ban

    Ban Guest

    I was just being sarcastic, wouldn't think of de Niro making this film now,
    he was still so young.
    ciao Ban
  8. krw

    krw Guest

    My, more threats from the *little* fag-boy, DimBulb.
  9. krw

    krw Guest

    Because I like wasting your time, too? Well, maybe not...
    Nah. Your sweetness is always around, Jim.
    Or perhaps it's because AlwaysWrong is always such an ass. The only
    thing better than everyone jumping on her ass every time she opens her
    mouth would be if *everyone* shunned her, but that's not going to
  10. What a stupid remark. Actors ACT, you retarded twit!

  11. Is it possible that you are so retarded that you do not even know what
    the word "threat" means?

    There was no threat, you retarded, 20 IQ dipshit!
  12. krw

    krw Guest

    AlwaysWrong is *always* wrong.
    You're a liar, as well as being AlwaysWrong.

  13. If I come to visit your corpse, you are already dead, so how can me
    stating that I would piss on your planet polluting, already dead hulk be
    a threat, you stupid fucktard?

    No need to answer. You lose. Plain and simple. Now FOAD!
  14. krw

    krw Guest

    Another threat. You're on a roll tonight, DimBulb.
    Wrong again, AlwaysWrong.
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