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434 Mhz or 868 Mhz for wireless alarme in europ

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by André, Oct 25, 2003.

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  1. André

    André Guest

    European market allow 2 frequencies for wireless alarms : 434 Mhz and 868
    In France :
    - some systems use 434 Mhz only,
    - other systems use only 868 Mhz,
    - and some very high security wireless alarms use together the 2 frequencies
    : 434 and 868 Mhz (every information is sent on the 2 frequencies to be sure
    the message will arrive).

    868 Mhz is said to be a better frequency than 434 Mhz for alarm systems. 868
    Mhz is a "larger" band ?
    I'd want to say more about it
  2. P A U L

    P A U L Guest

    Cher André,
    Je me rends bien compte, par vos questions posées dans un group fr
    dont je ne site pas le nom, que vous n'êtes pas a jour avec la
    technique sans fils..
    Il est préférable que vous vous renseignez d'abord avant de poser vos
    questions ici dans ce groupe US qui peuvent altérer la bonne image du
    système français double fréquences / double bandes.

    Paul (belgique)

    tout On Sat, 25 Oct 2003 14:17:42 +0200, "André"
  3. Paul

    Paul Guest

    Hello from France,

    This belgium guy, nammed P A U L (please do not confuse him with me, I
    am also Paul !) is very curious : he says in this group and in french
    groups, false things about wireless alarms

    i don't know why

    every serious person knows that recent wireless alarms have anti-jamming
    and others systems to prevent dazzling of the system
    In France, the famous association of customers "60 millions de
    consommateurs" has done such tests in 2001, testing several french
    wireless alarms : the 4 systems which has an anti-jamming system (mono
    frequency or bi-frequency) have immediately detected an un-normal attack
    (voluntary dazzling) and have started the alarm ! I know that an
    amercican professional system Inovonics has also this anti-jamming system...
    a website to see more about that :

    P A U L a écrit:
  4. P A U L

    P A U L Guest

    Tu n'y connait rien.
    L'anti jamming n'a jamais évité d'etre bouiller.
    Peut-tu expliquez comment le dazzling évite le brouillage?
    Il a faut combien de temps pour que le brouillage soit detecté?
    Est-il typiquement detecté ou est-ce une indication de perte de

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