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433MHz remotes with >500ft range

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Joerg, Oct 29, 2010.

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  1. Jan Panteltje:
    That's the only human heart I know of that's the same for all men.
    And short, please!
    Marx did the same 1800 years later. Same tactics: get fed and pampered by a
    rich guy and his friends, show him that he's worthless and guilty of the
    worse crimes, and use his money to convince more people that he's an assole
    that should either be killed or left in Hell for the eternity.
    It was very politicized since the beginning. As any succesful
    political/religious movement, from revolutionary become institutional.
    Go tell the Kulaks

    When you'll grow up, you will follow the same trajectory. Promised.
    ROTFL. Waddya know?
    That's what the institutionalized religions say, so that the masses will
    care about their interior world and not mess around with the real one.
    Exactly. It's called "growing up".
    You're right. When I finally understood Jesus' and Marxs' message, I become
    much happier. I got rid of a bunch of rubbish.
    Google is your friend.
    I know, Iknow, I've been where you still are.
    Exactly. But now I'm free.
    In democracy politicians have a 4 year horizon. In dictatures they plan for
    longer term. And, usually, fail miserably.
    Or the opposite. As I said, is people with your ideas that want a
    revolution. Some times you win, and we get Stalin, sometimes you lose, and
    we get Hitler.

    But, in the end, you're just a nuisance that paves the way to tragedy.
    So stop pushing and leave goodwill people to live their lives. If you want
    to, you can continue to masturbate with your religions, but, please, keep
    it for yourself.
    Ok. I know. We, the human race, are the best product of the Universe,
    because we are what gives sense to a mindless vortex of stupid atoms.
    Excuse me, but I can't accept such a critique from a biggot as you.

    You really tired me. I'm not going to read the remaining amenities you
    tried to inflict me.
    It shows.
  2. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    No, we paid for it. This was before inflation, so they settled for $24.00
    in beads. ;-)

  3. Rich Grise:
  4. Michael A. Terrell:
    I was not looking for anything like that.
    How did that occurred to you? Past experience? Secret desires?

    I just hoped that you could get sober.
  5. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    Was it Long Island that cost us 50 Cents?

  6. That would not work. Your hulking lad ass corpse would not fit in a
    half full dumpster.

    I dispose of bodies much more efficiently than that.
  7. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    Probably - does anybody remember the price tag on the Louisiana Purchase?

  8. When they come to search your computer,they take it and "anything
    attached to it" if they so desire. (no, there is no such experience in my
    life, I just know the law)

    Same mentality. We bought Manhatten Island,and assuming Grise's
    position, "and all attached to it".

    Regardless of HOW the current owners of the country got it, it is ours

    So everyone can stop pissing and moaning about it, AND stop attaching
    decades and centuries past behaviors to current ideology.

    Much of the fucking world needs to grow the **** up.

    We ARE the best that ever was, and even if we are taking dinks from
    everyone from propagandist idiots to the stupid fucktards that have been
    brainwashed by them, we will continue being the best, and we will be the
    best at all things we currently do not hold the top spot in again as

    So, get over it, world. It isn't in anyone's interest to spout
    horseshit statistics as facts. You tarnish any character your nation may
    have ever gained by adopting peaceful democratic ways and means to begin
  9. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    Yes, that's it, it was Manhattan and I think it was 50 cents given to
    the indians living on it at the time, which was only a few from what I
    understood. They used that money to buy booze and get drunk! Or, was
    already drunk when the transaction took place! :)
  10. Guest

    That would certainly fill it up!

  11. If I am an imbecile, then you are definitely the criminal. You belong
    in a bin that separates you from computers and here for the rest of your

    Besides... I RUN the loony bin that is *this* group, you fucking loon.

    "I will hold back the water..." --Peter Boyle as "God" or "Jack
    McDermott" in "The Dream Team"
  12. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    You're wasting your time, trying to reconcile with an old coot like
    that. He is beyond help and has been for some time now. No one will feel
    sorry for him any more so he's out there trying to cause as much hate
    and discontent as possible, before he moves on to the next stage of
    life, or the here after..

    He's worn out his welcome on my screen. I've had him in the filter
    for some time now. Maybe you should do the same..

  13. warm'n'flat

    warm'n'flat Guest

    I don't blame you. I'd have given it up long ago if the only beer we
    had over here was the freezing cold, ultra fizzy and insipid dog piss
    you get on your side of the pond. :)
  14. Kindly **** off and die.

    I was wrong, PBB... It is your mother that is the criminal. She should
    be jailed for not flushing the piece of shit that you are, the moment she
    shat you from the piece of shit that she is. That should be a life
    sentence felony.

    You were not born, you were expurgated from a descending colon! You
    are not human, and therefore are criminal right along with your mother as
    you are a walking biohazard, which she unleashed upon the Earth (the
    stupid bitch).

    Your fucktard father was an e-coli bacterium and the rest of you is
    whatever horseshit your fat slob mother was shoveling into her face at
    the time.

    Yes, bastard, this is what you deserve here. This is all you deserve
    here from anyone. Go the **** away now, you criminal piece of shit.
    You're so fucking stupid, you can't even get nyms right.
  15. Sheesh. He must be talking about that Terrell retard.

    Oh... WAIT!!!


    Spell "baddest" for us, Mike! Bwuahahahahahahah!
    Lemmie guess... you was drunk?

  16. You know next to nothing about American beers. The domestics are NOT
    representative of American beers. They are representative of money
    grubbing brew houses that sell volume loads of piss water. They do NOT
    represent ANY beer that we take to shows and win awards with.

    Sam Adams' brews (plural, asswipe) win awards all over the world
    (countries, plural, asswipe), asswipe.

    The domestics here ARE piss water, for sure. Especially in California,
    where it is held to below 3.2%. I laugh every time I think about that
    being what these dopes are getting "drunk" on. I certainly do not drink
    it unless that is all there is, which is rare as I tend to avoid shitty
    bars. If that is all you drank, you do not have enough info to be
    spouting your piss poor opinion as fact. It is not.

    In Ohio, it was 6%, and Sam is a 'micro-brew' so it can proof higher
    still, and does. The brews in Cincy were not served ice cold either. We
    remember the days before refrigerants. I'd bet that you do not.

    As usual, you don't know what the **** you are talking about, and I'll
    bet you do not even know what the local beers in your area proof at.

    BTW, idiot, there are local brew houses all over the place here now,
    that all make their own beer that pussies like you don't even hear about
    that put your beers to shame.

    Your brain weighs in at the same place that you like your beer. Flat.
    Likely not so warm though as you have to be fucking brain dead.

    Wanna bet?
  17. warm'n'flat

    warm'n'flat Guest

    Just as I said, dog piss.
    Refrigerants? Why would beer need refrigeration?
    Do you do much betting, Nymbecile? If you do I bet you always lose,
    because you're AlwaysWrong.
  18. A fine description of your opinion, and of your intelligence, and of
    course, your maturity level, or lack thereof.

    I find it quite amusing that you are telling us that you know what dog
    piss tastes like. Probably the only thing about you that is true.
  19. warm'n'flat

    warm'n'flat Guest

    Dog piss tastes like American beer.
  20. Guest

    I suppose you would be an expert.
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